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Private Security Monitor



Using the PSM site

Thank you for visiting the Private Security Monitor. The Private Security Monitor is an independent research project dedicated to promoting knowledge of and transparency in global private military and security services.

The Private Security Monitor's web portal provides an annotated guide to regulation, data and analysis of private military and security services. You can scroll through the site to learn about the variety of international regulations, from the United Nations to global standards like the Montreux Document. Domestic laws regulating private security services are aggregated into the National Regulations section. As the largest consumer of private security services, the regulations, oversight and analysis of the United States government is extensively documented. 

Information on data and statistics and reports and analysis of private military and security services by academic institutions and think tanks, governments, industry, media and NGOs is available in the Articles, Reports and Statistics page. 

The different work of industry organizations in developing contracts, standards, and guidelines for private security services is available through the Industry Initiatives page.

You can also search the Private Security Monitor site according to issue area, document type, geographical area, year or keyword. There is a quick search tab on each substantive page. For more advanced search options, visit our search page.

The Private Security Monitor also has a monthly commentary that provides brief analysis and opinions about current issues.

The Private Security Monitor has been developed in collaboration with many individuals and institutions who share a concern with promoting knowledge and transparency of private military and security services and we welcome additional cooperation. If you have comments on the content and/or ideas about items that should appear, please feel free to contact us at


Please use the form below to provide feedback on the Private Security Monitor website and database.