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U.S. Government Research & Oversight

Specially Constituted Commissions

U.S. Government agencies many constitute special commissions of inquiry to investigate problems with agency policies and operations. The commissions—sometimes called task forces or panels—may be composed of experts from both in and outside the government. Commissions constituted by the Department of Defense are governed by detailed fact gathering and analysis procedures, while commissions formed by other agencies are not necessarily bound by such guidelines. However, all specially-constituted commissions are guided by the same goal of remedying known deficiencies and improving government operations.

Posted below are reports by specially-constituted commissions that reflect upon or investigate the U.S. Government's use of private military and security services. Many of the reports were completed in the wake of high-profile incidents involved PMSCs hired by the U.S.—most notably the Nisoor Square incident involving Blackwater USA and allegations of abuse at the Ghraib prison in Iraq.

Reports issued by Special Commissions

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