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Sié Chéou-Kang CenterPrivate Security Monitor

A private security contractor keeps watch at a bridge bypass construction project. When U.S. Army Corps of Engineers personnel travel to project sites, they are accompanied by a personal security detachment, generally comprised of contractors and military personnel.

U.S. Government Research & Oversight

Defense Science Board

The Defense Science Board (the Board) is a task force of basic and applied scientists who provide advice, recommendations, and technical expertise to the Department of Defense (DOD) on a range of matters such as weapons systems, cyber security and defense strategies. Established in 1956, the Board currently maintains 32 members and seven ex-officio members (chairmen of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Policy, Defense Business Board, and Defense Intelligence Agency advisory committees). Members are appointed for terms that range from one to four years.  In recent years, the Board has issued two reports related to the use of contractors by the DOD. 



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