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The Montreux Document on Pertinent International Legal Obligations and Good Practices for States related to Operations of Private Military and Security Companies during Armed Conflict

Global Efforts

Montreux Document on pertinent international legal obligations and good practices for States related to operations of private military and security companies during armed conflict

The Montreux Document describes international humanitarian law and human rights law as it applies to the activities of private military and security companies during armed conflict. It also contains a compilation of good practices designed to assist states in implementing their obligations under international law through national measures. The Montreux Document was the result of a joint initiative between Switzerland and the International Committee of the Red Cross and included representatives from governments, industry, and civil society.

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Montreux Document Forum

In December of 2014 a plenary of Montreux Document participants, the Working Group on the ICoCA, and the Working Group on PMSCs in Maritime Security (not yet operational) launched the Montreux Document Forum (MDF) in coordination with the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces. The Forum provides a venue for formal consultation among Montreux Document participants and supports states in the implementation of the Document's principles, and also shares best practices and lessons learned regarding the regulation of PMSCs. The MDF is currently chaired by Switzerland and the ICRC. In preparatory meetings, participants established two voluntary working groups open to participants: the Working Group on the ICoCA, chaired by Sweden, and the Working Group on the use of PMSCs in Maritime Security.

Preparatory Work for the Montreux Document & Montreux+5

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