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An expert from ArmorGroup (left) trains local members of the Nepal and Maoist Armies on the safe removal of unexploded devices.


PMSC News Reports

Media reports play a critical role both in informing the public and as resource for academic work on the private military and security industry. Because journalists base their reports on a variety of sources, including employees, industry sources, and personal observations, their reports often provide an on-the-ground picture of firms' behavior that is lacking in many of other reports.

The Private Security Monitor's media project aggregates recent media reports into a single feed of the most up to date news articles on private security. After one month articles will retire into our news archives. Importantly, PSM exercises some editorial selectivity in articles, both in type of publication and in the topics presented. As such, this page is not a complete archive of all articles published, but a resource for the most relevant stories issued in the past month.

For those seeking in-depth, investigative journalism, view the investigative reports section at the bottom of this page. Separate from general media articles, these reports provide more extensive analysis on PMSCs from a journalist's perspective.

Recent News

The biggest types of private security businesses in South Africa  
BusinessTech|  16 November 2017
> The latest numbers from the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (Psira) show that the country currently has 500,000 active security officers, with over 1.5 million registered officers.

Turkey to deploy armed security guards on flights  
Xinhua|  16 November 2017
> Under the new law recently passed by the Turkish Parliament, armed security guards will be deployed on flights flying to and from Turkey as precautionary measures against terror attack, local daily Haberturk reported Thursday.

Tens of thousands of pro-Iranian mercenaries in Syria have Israel worried|  15 November 2017
> Jerusalem continues to express its concerns over the non-escalation agreement for Syria. Tens of thousands of pro-Iranian fighters and mercenaries are in Syria and under the agreement, they will be allowed to establish a presence near Israel’s northern border.

Report: Private security company failed to fulfill SFMTA contract  
San Francisco Examiner|  12 November 2017
> The private security company hired to protect San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency employees failed to fulfill its contract in four key areas, according to a report released Thursday. Cypress Security LLC was paid for 34 hours of security services over an eight-week period during the 2015-16 fiscal year that weren’t supported by time records, according to an audit report from the Office of the Controller’s City Services Auditor Division.

Serbia has opened 45 cases against those who fought in the Donbass  
The Quebec Times|  12 November 2017
> In Serbia since the end of 2014, the militiamen brought 45 criminal cases against mercenaries participating in the fighting abroad, including in the Donbas. This was announced by the representative of Prosecutor’s office of Belgrade Tatiana sekulich, reports Politika.

Protecting the boss: Here's what it takes to keep some of India's powerful CEOs safe  
The Economic Times|  11 November 2017
> With growing urbanisation and growth in the retail sector, the private security industry in India is set to reach Rs 80,000 crore by 2020, according to a 2015 report by Grant Thornton and FICCI. The manned guarding is the biggest segment in the security space in the country with about 80% of the market share.

Security guards allege raw deal, seek justice  
The Hindu|  11 November 2017
> Scores of private security guards, employed at government hospitals, caught the attention of passers-by as they protested at the Gandhi statue near the GVMC with hay in their mouths, depicting their plight due to non-payment of salaries for the past four months.

Firm founded by KGB spy to guard US Moscow embassy  
BBC News|  10 November 2017
> The US State Department has employed a private firm set up by a veteran Soviet-era spy to provide security for its Moscow embassy and diplomatic missions in Russia.

Tensions rise between Serbia, Ukraine over 'mercenaries'  
Digital Journal|  10 November 2017
> Serbia has summoned its ambassador to Kiev for consultations after Ukraine raised concerns over Serbian "mercenaries" fighting on the side of pro-Russian rebels in its conflict-torn east.

Metrorail fined R3-million for security contraventions  
Times Live|  10 November 2017
> The commuter rail service company has fallen foul of the private security industry regulatory authority PSIRA was established in 2001 to regulate the private security industry and ensure that security service providers act in the public and national interest in the interest of the private security industry itself.

South Africa: Metrorail Fined R3 Million  
All Africa|  10 November 2017
> Independent sources have told GroundUp that the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) has fined Metrorail R3 million for employing security staff who are not registered under the PSIRA Act. PSIRA was established in 2001 to regulate the private security industry and ensure that security service providers act in the public and national interest in the interest of the private security industry itself.

Africa: China Tests Its Military Muscle in Africa  
All Africa|  09 November 2017
> China also entered the private security domain, rehatting People's Liberation Army soldiers as private security guards to protect some of its larger commercial interests. It also increased its support to African Union peacekeeping and peacebuilding efforts. It put combat boots on the ground in Mali.

"Serb mercenaries who fight in Donbass" discussed in Kiev  
B92|  08 November 2017
> According to a statement issued by the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry - "apart from bilateral issues, the main emphasis during these consultations was made on the problem of Serbian mercenaries who fight in Donbass as part of the Russian terrorist troops, in particular as regards Serbia’s obligations within international anti-terrorist legal instruments to which it is a party to."

Putin's National Guard to protect Russian regional leaders  
BBC News|  07 November 2017
> Protection by the National Guard ('Rosguard') is not mandatory, but regional governors are entitled to ask for it. Some governors are in fact already using this service, since Rosguard currently operates a number of private security firms, according to their chief adviser, Alexander Khinshtein.

Security expert calls for armed guards at churches  
The Seattle Times|  07 November 2017
> “We’ve had private security guards for as long as I’ve been here and I’ve been here 23 years,” said the Rev. Gerald Kisner of Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church in West Palm Beach. Are they armed? “Sometimes,” he said.

GAIPE: Challenging the Impunity Present in Human Rights Defenders’ Deaths  
The Huffington Post|  06 November 2017
> According to the GAIPE, members of DESA used their political connections to create a network of private security companies, hitmen, state security forces and employees of the judiciary to control and neutralize opposition to the Agua Zarca dam project.

The Future of Contract Soldiers  
Small Wars Journal|  06 November 2017
> Private military companies (PMCs) like Sandline International provide comparatively cheap and rapid solutions in warzones, while side-stepping messy political and international ties. Current humanitarian crises develop in low scale, indefinite duration conflicts requiring rapid response and involving messy diplomatic maneuvering unsuited to modern militaries. By employing private companies, the United States will increase the flexibility of its foreign policy while reducing taxpayer obligations.

Private security agency moved High Court, sought release of seized currency  
The Indian Express|  06 November 2017
> ISS SDB Security Services Private Limited in March had filed a petition in the Punjab and Haryana High Court against an order passed by the Additional Sessions Judge, Fazilka, who had directed the police to release Rs 43 lakh of seized currency to the claimants. The money, stolen from one of the ATMs managed by the private security agency, had been with the police before demonetisation.

Can Erik Prince Beat the GOP Establishment and Win a Senate Seat?  
NBC News|  05 November 2017
> He recently reappeared in national headlines when President Donald Trump's national security team reviewed his proposal to replace most American troops in Afghanistan with a smaller corps of private contractors and special operations forces.

Police cracks down on illegal private security companies  
The New Times|  05 November 2017
> Rwanda National Police (RNP) has said security is a sensitive area, and as such vowed to crackdown on any companies or individuals offering private security services illegally. RNP spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Theos Badege, said although the government provided for private security services as a business venture, it also set out proper rules and guidelines that should be followed to ensure quality services and professionalism.

NYPD began working to prevent truck attacks 2 years ago  
WNGO ABC|  03 November 2017
> “The industry has had a high level of awareness on this matter from the NYPD,” Miller said. The department has two programs — NYPD SHIELD and Operation Nexus — that maintain regular contact with New York area businesses and private security officials to discuss ways terrorists may try to exploit firms like rental truck companies, according to Miller.

How “Wagner” came to Syria  
The Economist|  02 November 2017
> Though Russian law officially bans private military companies (PMCs), a St Petersburg-based independent news site,, reported in late 2015 that ex-soldiers were being recruited to serve in Wagner by a former special-forces officer, Dmitry Utkin.

Zuma must explain why he received R1m a month from Royal Security – DA  
The Citizen|  02 November 2017
> The DA has made a request to National Assembly speaker Baleka Mbete for an urgent question on allegations that President Jacob Zuma earned a salary from a private security company to be included in his oral reply to MPs questions today.

UK Private Security Guards, Club Bouncers Could Receive Counterterrorism Training  
Billboard|  01 November 2017
> Counterterrorism officials in the U.K. may mobilize club bouncers and private security guards in the fight against terrorism, an untapped resource they say greatly outnumbers the police force and has gone under utilized for too long.

Pretoria security guard protest cancelled  
The Citizen|  01 November 2017
> Members of different privately owned security companies had planned to embark on a protest in Pretoria on Thursday over a number of grievances including the hiring of many undocumented foreign nationals and unfair dismissals. Private Security Industry Regulator Authority (PSiRA) said the organisation that was responsible for planning the strike made a U-turn on the strike after a meeting they held on Monday.

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