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An expert from ArmorGroup (left) trains local members of the Nepal and Maoist Armies on the safe removal of unexploded devices.


PMSC News Reports

Media reports play a critical role both in informing the public and as resource for academic work on the private military and security industry. Because journalists base their reports on a variety of sources, including employees, industry sources, and personal observations, their reports often provide an on-the-ground picture of firms' behavior that is lacking in many of other reports.

The Private Security Monitor's media project aggregates recent media reports into a single feed of the most up to date news articles on private security. After one month articles will retire into our news archives. Importantly, PSM exercises some editorial selectivity in articles, both in type of publication and in the topics presented. As such, this page is not a complete archive of all articles published, but a resource for the most relevant stories issued in the past month.

For those seeking in-depth, investigative journalism, view the investigative reports section at the bottom of this page. Separate from general media articles, these reports provide more extensive analysis on PMSCs from a journalist's perspective.

Recent News

Palestinian Interior Ministry to regulate private security firms 
Al-Monitor|   23 September 2018
> The Palestinian Ministry of Interior in Ramallah this month began accepting licensing requests from potential security companies, and has launched a process to regulate existing ones.

Two security guards killed in bank loot bid in Noida: Police 
Indian Express|   21 September 2018
> Two private security guards of a bank were killed Friday allegedly by unidentified assailants in a loot attempt in Noida city, police said.

Yemen: Mercenaries trained in Israel lead battles of Al-Hudaydah 
Middle East Monitor|   20 September 2018
> Sources close to the US Congress Intelligence Committee revealed that hundreds of Western mercenaries financed by UAE participated in the attack on the Yemeni province of Al-Hudaydah after they received intensive combat exercises in Israel.

Neighbourhood Policing Cuts Are So Bad, Some People Are Paying For 'Private Police' 
Huffington Post|  18 September 2018
> Neighbourhood policing has been so badly hit by budget cuts that people are hiring private policing companies to patrol the streets, a move unions warn could lead to the “slow creep” towards a “two-tier system”.

Armed by the Kremlin, Gazprom could be the new force in Syria when the troops leave 
The Conversation|  18 September 2018
> The Iraq War saw the use of commercial military forces – mercenaries – to an extensive degree unprecedented in the modern era. One of the military contracting firms, Blackwater (now Academi), saw four of its security contractors charged with killing 31 people at a Baghdad roadside shooting in 2007 (sentences which were overturned last year). That same year, 2007, there was a similar shift in the nexus between business and security in Russia when Moscow’s parliament voted to allow its energy giants Gazprom and Transneft to effectively create their own militaries, with weapons and technology supplied by the Kremlin.

Ex-Blackwater CEO's plan to end the war in Afghanistan 
BBC News|  18 September 2018
> The founder and former head of the Blackwater private security firm, Erik Prince, has said he believes private security contractors are key to ending the war in Afghanistan.

This is how much money security guards get paid in South Africa 
Business Tech|  18 September 2018
> Workers in the Private Security are demanding a minimum wage of R7,500 and are threatening a strike if their wish is not granted.

US-linked private contractors fight alongside YPG in Syria 
Daily Sabah|  17 September 2018
> Private contractors from the United States are fighting alongside the PKK'S Syrian wing, the People's Protection Units (YPG) in Syria, Turkish media reported yesterday.

Citizens spend R160bn on SAPS, private security 
Independent Online|  16 September 2018
> The amount of money spent on the SAPS and private security companies for preventing crime is estimated to be R160 billion.

Murder Trial Of Blackwater Guard Ends In Mistrial 
NPR|  14 September 2018
> Eleven years after Blackwater security guards killed more than a dozen civilians in Iraq, the retrial of one of the defendants ended in a mistrial. A court decides Friday whether he will be retried.

Former Blackwater guard to stand trial for third time in mass shooting during Iraq war 
USA Today|  14 September 2018
> A former Blackwater Worldwide security guard will stand trial for a third time on charges that he instigated a mass shooting in Iraq more than a decade ago.

Here’s A Totally Incredible Story About Pro-Russian Mercenaries And A Close Aide To Italy’s De Facto Leader 
Buzzfeed News|  13 September 2018
> A close aide to Italy’s hard-right de facto leader has links to mercenaries fighting alongside pro-Russian and neo-Nazi militias in Ukraine, according to court documents seen by BuzzFeed News that will increase concerns about the Italian government’s relationship with Moscow.

Privatizing the U.S. effort in Afghanistan seemed a bad idea. Now it’s even worse. 
The Washington Post|  11 September 2018
> It’s been 17 years since 9/11, the pivotal event that precipitated the start of the U.S. war in Afghanistan. In recent weeks, there has been new talk of privatizing that war.

Writtle Parish Council employs private security firm 
BBC News|  10 September 2018
> A village is spending thousands of pounds on private security to keep its residents safe. Writtle Parish Council in Essex has paid S-Type Security almost £2,000 to police the village and tackle "minor crime" since July.

The growth of private policing is eroding justice for all 
The Guardian|  10 September 2018
> Security firms stepping in for overstretched officers is another signifier of how austerity Britain is becoming more unequal.

Venezuela Seizes more than 200 Weapons from Security Company 
Prensa Latina|  07 September 2018
> The Venezuelan government seized 267 firearms from companies dedicated to surveillance and private security, Minister of Interior, Justice and Peace Nestor Reverol reported on Friday.

State tracks down illegal security operations 
The Fiji Times|  07 September 2018
> The Ministry of Employment is working on tracking down private security firms that are operating illegally in Fiji.

MEP raises concerns over private military companies 
Parliament Magazine|  06 September 2018
> A report by a Polish MEP highlights concerns about what he says is the increasing number of violations of human rights caused by the activities of private military and security companies.

Murder trial of Blackwater contractor ends in mistrial 
CNN|  05 September 2018
> The second trial of a Blackwater contractor charged with first-degree murder for shooting unarmed civilians during the Iraq War has ended in a mistrial, according to US attorney spokesperson Bill Miller.

Here’s the blueprint for Erik Prince’s $5 billion plan to privatize the Afghanistan war 
Military Times|  05 September 2018
> Blackwater founder Erik Prince thinks the time is right to try a new approach in Afghanistan, one that he says will reduce war spending to a sliver of its current levels, get most troops home and eliminate Pakistan’s influence on U.S. policy there: Let him run it.

Security company in taxi rank shooting has licence suspended 
Independent Online|  05 September 2018
> The Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSiRA) has suspended the registration of Mvimbeni Security pending the outcome of an internal investigation.

Sea Point company's owners in legal trouble for failing to pay provident fund 
News 24|  05 September 2018
> The Private Security Sector Provident Fund is taking the owners of a Cape Town security company to court over a payment dispute.

New private security regulations good for industry transformation 
The Standard|  04 September 2018
> Kenya’s private security industry is a vast and powerful force. In its foundation, it is police power, with origins older than public policing. It is a central player in the protection of the citizenry, business and property. The scope and extent of private security going into the future looks endless.

China’s Blackwater-Style Private Armies 
Asia Sentinel|  03 September 2018
> The upcoming spread of China’s private armies in territories of Xi Jinping’s expanding Belt and Road Initiative appears about to become as profitable as buying host countries on the cheap through massive loans for infrastructure that tie them to Beijing’s political interests.

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Investigative Reports

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The British Broadcasting Corporation is a publically funded news and entertainment company in the United Kingdom. The BBC produces daily news programs as well as in depth investigative reports.


The Center for Investigative Reporting

The Center for Investigative Reporting is a non-profit, non-partisan news organization based in Berkeley, California. The Center specializes in in-depth reporting on current issues.


David Isenberg

Author and commentator David Isenberg frequently reports on PMSC issues, including almost daily entries on the Huffington Post.

Federal News Radio

Federal News Radio is a radio news station focused upon stories, news and analysis relevant for U.S. federal government agencies and those who do business with government agencies. It is non-partisan.


National Public Radio

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The New Yorker

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ProPublica is an independent, non-profit newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest.


The Washington Post

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