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An expert from ArmorGroup (left) trains local members of the Nepal and Maoist Armies on the safe removal of unexploded devices.


PMSC News Reports

Media reports play a critical role both in informing the public and as resource for academic work on the private military and security industry. Because journalists base their reports on a variety of sources, including employees, industry sources, and personal observations, their reports often provide an on-the-ground picture of firms' behavior that is lacking in many of other reports.

The Private Security Monitor's media project aggregates recent media reports into a single feed of the most up to date news articles on private security. After one month articles will retire into our news archives. Importantly, PSM exercises some editorial selectivity in articles, both in type of publication and in the topics presented. As such, this page is not a complete archive of all articles published, but a resource for the most relevant stories issued in the past month.

For those seeking in-depth, investigative journalism, view the investigative reports section at the bottom of this page. Separate from general media articles, these reports provide more extensive analysis on PMSCs from a journalist's perspective.

Recent News

License permanently revoked for KC security company after illegal operations 
Fox 4 KC|   17 December 2018
> Force One Security license to do business in Kansas City has been permanently revoked after an appeal was denied Monday.

Nawaz Sharif’s private security tortures media worker 
Pakistan Times|   17 December 2018
> In what is being seen as an extension of the VIP culture in the country, former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s private security personnel on Monday tortured a news cameraman for making footage of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) supremo outside Parliament House.

Police cautions private security firms on overworking guards 
The New Times|   17 December 2018
> Rwanda National Police has raised concern regarding the overworking of guards by private security companies, which they say reduces the level of vigilance in the wider range of security at public facilities.

Tribune: Illinois has lack of oversight on security guards 
The State Journal-Register|   16 December 2018
> A newspaper investigation has found that private security guards in Illinois often aren’t as closely monitored as police officers, who in recent years have faced scrutiny over excessive force.

Honolulu mayor extends private security guard patrol over 9 city parks 
Star Advertiser|   15 December 2018
> A one-month pilot project to hire private security guards to patrol nine city parks for illegal homeless activity will be extended into January.

Ex-Hillsboro armed security officer accused of rape landed jobs as deputy, victims advocate despite past misconduct 
The Oregonian|   15 December 2018
> A gap in state oversight of armed officers allowed a former Hillsboro security guard who quit in 2015 amid a sexual misconduct investigation to later land jobs as a victims advocate and jail deputy in central Oregon.

State delays reduction in training requirements for security guard licenses 
KUTV|   13 December 2018
> The Utah Division of Professional Licensing (DOPL) has delayed the implementation a new law that reduces training requirements to obtain a security guard license.

Professor hired mercenaries to rescue student from ISIS in Iraq after he said he wouldn't finish his thesis 
Fox News|   14 December 2018
> Charlotta Turner, a professor at Lund University, in the city of the same name, took the unprecedented action after she received a text message in 2014 from her student Firas Jumaah, saying it was unlikely he would be able to finish his research due to threats from the terror group.

University professor sent elite mercenaries to rescue student from Isil warzone 
Telegraph UK|   13 December 2018
> It’s a level of pastoral care few universities can boast of providing. A chemistry professor at Lund University dispatched a team of elite mercenaries into an Islamic State warzone to free one of her doctoral students and his family.

KFOR alarmed after reports of Serbian mercenaries in northern Kosovo, according to online media 
Gazeta Express|   13 December 2018
> Potential presence of Serbian mercenaries in northern part of Kosovo inhabited mainly by Serbs has alarmed KFOR leaders in Kosovo. Kosovo institutions informed NATO-led peacekeeping force - KFOR that various Serb radical groups are planning destabilization of northern part of Kosovo, following the vote of Parliament to create the Army of Kosovo.

Security Guards Plead Guilty in Union Station Beating 
Westword|   11 December 2018
> Two private security guards involved in beating up an RTD customer inside a bathroom at Union Station during the early-morning hours of April 20 this year have pleaded guilty in criminal proceedings.

Ex-security guard involved in 2017 death of shoplifting suspect in Chicago pleads to charge of impersonating a cop 
Chicago Tribune|   07 December 2018
> A former security guard and south suburban police officer has been stripped of his law enforcement credentials in Illinois as part of a plea deal, according to the Cook County state’s attorney’s office.

Former school security guard sentenced on sexual assault allegations 
The Tribune-Democrat|   06 December 2018
> A former security guard at Greater Johnstown Middle School accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old student was sentenced to house arrest, state probation and registration under Megan's law.

Security company’s patrols in downtown Olympia suspended after run-in with protesters 
The Olympian|   06 December 2018
> A private security company has indefinitely suspended its nightly patrols of downtown Olympia after an encounter with protesters last weekend.

Dolton school security guard who allegedly pulled gun on student prohibited from district property, officials say 
Chicago Tribune|   05 December 2018
> A school security guard who allegedly threatened a high school student’s life and put a gun to the student’s chest in the Academy for Learning parking lot in Dolton last week has been prohibited from entering any district facility, officials said Wednesday.

ICT to launch cracks down against untrained private security guards 
Pakistan Today|   04 December 2018
> Islamabad Deputy Commissioner (DC) Hamza Shafqaat on Tuesday said that only well-trained security guards with registered arm licenses would be allowed in private security companies of the federal capital.

8 private security companies with unapproved uniforms arrested 
Ghana Web|   03 December 2018
> Eight private security companies have been arrested by the Police in Accra for using unapproved uniforms.

What are private security companies doing in Afghanistan? 
BBC News|   02 December 2018
> The US-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 contributed to a boom in the private security business. In recent years, the presence of contractors has decreased, mirroring the withdrawal of foreign troops. However, insecurity in Afghanistan remains widespread, there are still thousands of Nato troops and the demand for armed security at foreign embassies, military bases, and for NGOs is still high.

‘It was like Benghazi’: Security contractors fought for their lives against Taliban attack 
NEWSREP|   01 December 2018
> A Taliban attack against a British security contractor compound in Kabul left six dead and dozens wounded. The facility belongs to the G4S Risk Management Group and is located in the eastern part of the Afghan capital.

Ukraine bars entry for Russian men over fears of private armies 
The Sydney Morning Herald|   01 December 2018
> Ukraine has barred Russian men of military age from entering the country amid an escalating military and diplomatic standoff after last weekend's naval clash.

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Investigative Reports

African Defence Review

African Defence Review is a dynamic news organisation focused on African security. It provides the most detailed and comprehensive news and commentary of issues on the African continent.

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BBC Reports

The British Broadcasting Corporation is a publically funded news and entertainment company in the United Kingdom. The BBC produces daily news programs as well as in depth investigative reports.

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The Center for Investigative Reporting

The Center for Investigative Reporting is a non-profit, non-partisan news organization based in Berkeley, California. The Center specializes in in-depth reporting on current issues.

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David Isenberg

Author and commentator David Isenberg frequently reports on PMSC issues, including almost daily entries on the Huffington Post.

Federal News Radio

Federal News Radio is a radio news station focused upon stories, news and analysis relevant for U.S. federal government agencies and those who do business with government agencies. It is non-partisan.

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National Public Radio

National Public Radio (NPR) creates and distributes award-winning news, information, and music programming to a network of 959 independent stations.

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The New Yorker

The New Yorker is a weekly print magazine dedicated to the arts, politics, current events and investigative journalism.

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PBS is a private non-profit broadcaster in the United States. It primarily produces educational programming for children and documentary features for adults. 

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ProPublica is an independent, non-profit newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest.

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The Washington Post

The Washington Post is the largest newspaper in the Washington, DC area and a central reporter on domestic policy issues in the United States. The post produces multiple investigative pieces each year that focus on different aspects of the U.S. government and its agencies.

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