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An expert from ArmorGroup (left) trains local members of the Nepal and Maoist Armies on the safe removal of unexploded devices.
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Privatising the Afghan war is dangerous - and more likely than you think 
TRT World|   31 October 2018
> The longest war in US history could be about to get worse as private companies compete to take up more combat duties.

Killers for hire: No U.S. citizen should be a mercenary overseas 
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette|   27 October 2018
> There should be no loopholes available for Americans looking to serve as paid killers for foreign governments.

Ukraine is outsourcing law enforcement to private companies that don't respect human rights 
Global Voices|   24 October 2018
> A series of incidents involving Ukraine's municipal guards are adding up one after another, with ever more citizens demanding they be outright banned. After the Euromaidan revolution in 2014, Ukraine's abolished its national police and attempted to create a new law enforcement agency, but that never left the paper. As that process dragged on, local authorities began to outsource their law enforcement to private security companies, which are commonly called “municipal guards."

What Should We Make of Elite American Mercenaries in Yemen? 
War on the Rocks|   23 October 2018
> A recent Buzzfeed exclusive reveals that veterans of America’s elite military units, working for the United Arab Emirates, are responsible for a string of assassinations in Yemen. They worked for a company called Spear Operations Group, directed and led in the field by an enigmatic Hungarian-Israeli named Abraham Golan. After meeting in Abu Dhabi with former Palestinian Authority security chief Mohammed Dahlan, now a top adviser for the Emirates, Golan was supplied with weapons, legal cover in the form of military ranks for him and his employees, escorts into Aden, and a list of names.

Elizabeth Warren Demands An Investigation Into American Ex-Soldiers’ Assassination Campaign In Yemen 
Buzzfeed News|   22 October 2018
> Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren is demanding that the Trump administration investigate whether former American service members violated US law in acting as mercenaries to carry out a monthslong, for-profit targeted assassination program in Yemen.

Man shot by security guard after breaking through glass doors at Fox 5 DC studio 
Washington Examiner|   22 October 2018
> An unarmed man who broke through two sets of glass doors at the Fox 5 studio in Washington, D.C., Monday afternoon was shot by a private security guard and taken to a hospital for his injuries, according to a Metro Police Department spokesman.

Report: UAE Hired American Mercenaries 
Washington Post|   20 October 2018
> NPR's Scott Simon talks to BuzzFeed News reporter Aram Roston about his report that Americans with special forces experience worked as mercenaries for foreign powers.

Former U.S. Special Forces were reportedly hired to kill Yemen’s leaders. Did the government know? 
Washington Post|   19 October 2018
> In a BuzzFeed article this week, Aram Roston reports that a Delaware company, Spear Operations Group, organized a private hit squad to work for the United Arab Emirates in Yemen. The company’s founder, Israeli operative Abraham Golan, and former U.S. Navy SEAL Isaac Gilmore admitted to these actions in the article. The company appears to have hired several other U.S. veterans and reservists, including one who retired from the well-known SEAL Team 6 (responsible for killing Osama bin Laden). Everything we understand about the private security industry tells us that this action is likely to have serious ramifications. This may present huge legal problems.

Private security flourishes in Argentina as inequality grows 
TRT World|   17 October 2018
> In the suburbs adjacent to the major cities of Argentina, a surge in street crime and burglaries has increased demand for private security guards and surveillance systems.

Soldiers for Hire: The Private Military Industry 
The Carolinian|   17 October 2018
> America is a country that loves privatization. This happens in prisons, police, intelligence agencies and even our pride and joy-the military. Private military firms are businesses that provide military and security services for their employers. In 2016, 75 percent of American forces were private contractors. In 2017, Erik Prince, former head of Blackwater, and Stephen Feinberg, head of Dyncorp, discussed plans for contractors completely taking over U.S. operations in Afghanistan. Although ultimately unsuccessful, it remains to be seen if the current administration will change its mind.

Jackson County sheriff opposes plan to replace armed security at courthouse with unarmed security 
WAFF|   16 October 2018
> The Jackson County Commission is moving toward removing armed security in the courthouse and replacing it with unarmed.

A Middle East Monarchy Hired American Ex-Soldiers To Kill Its Political Enemies. This Could Be The Future Of War. 
Buzzfeed News|   16 October 2018
> Cradling an AK-47 and sucking a lollipop, the former American Green Beret bumped along in the back of an armored SUV as it wound through the darkened streets of Aden. Two other commandos on the mission were former Navy SEALs. As elite US special operations fighters, they had years of specialized training by the US military to protect America. But now they were working for a different master: a private US company that had been hired by the United Arab Emirates, a tiny desert monarchy on the Persian Gulf.

Six things you should know about modern mercenaries of war 
TRT World|   16 October 2018
> Private military contractors offering armies for hire emerged as a powerful stakeholder in the business of war. Governments can outsource compartmentalised jobs to mercenaries or private security contractors, without much international oversight.

Are private military contractors any different from mercenaries? 
TRT World|   16 October 2018
> The global market for mercenaries and private military contractors is worth more than $100 billion, and the lines that differentiate the two are blurry.

Are private military contractors any different from mercenaries? 
TRT World|   16 October 2018
> The global market for mercenaries and private military contractors is worth more than $100 billion, and the lines that differentiate the two are blurry.

Private security in Egypt is becoming President Sisi's personal fiefdom 
TRT World|   12 October 2018
> Egypt is seeing increasing tourist numbers as security improves. Who truly benefits from the rise of private security in Abdel Fattah el Sisi’s Egypt?

China’s military recruits private experts to work on defence technology projects 
South China Morning Post|   12 October 2018
> Two of China’s top military leaders have called for greater cooperation between the People’s Liberation Army and the private sector on the development of defence technologies, military media reported on Friday, just days after announcing the PLA’s rocket force had recruited civilian experts for the first time in its history.

Blackwater Founder Meets With Afghan Powerbrokers, Aims to Privatize War 
Voices of America|   10 October 2018
> The founder of the U.S.-based Blackwater security firm has been meeting with powerbrokers in Afghanistan to rally support for his plan to privatize the Afghan war.

Private security guard found shot to death in Eugene 
KTVZ|   05 October 2018
> Police say a 69-year-old man working as a private security guard was shot and killed early Friday in west Eugene.

New training, background check requirements implemented for Denver security guards 
The Denver Channel|   04 October 2018
> The city of Denver has revamped its licensing procedures for security guards. The new licenses will have additional training requirements and strengthened background checks.

Private security guards suspected of home invasion 
Khmer Times|   04 October 2018
> Por Senchey district police in Phnom Penh arrested two security guards suspected of committing a home invasion.

Afghanistan forcefully rejects proposal to replace US troops with mercenaries 
Washington Examiner|   04 October 2018
> Afghanistan’s National Security Council has said the government opposes the prospect of privatizing the 17-year-old war in the country and would pursue legal options to prevent any attempts to profit from the conflict.

Privatizing War in Afghanistan Endangers Civilians 
Human Rights Watch|   02 October 2018
> This month, the US war in Afghanistan turns 17. Americans born after the conflict began can now enlist in the armed forces. It’s a war in which all parties have committed war crimes and grave human rights abuses, and civilian casualties have reached new highs. But Americans and Afghans looking for solutions to end the war should not lose sight that some approaches may exacerbate abuses and undermine what fragile justice systems exist.

Abu Dhabi recruits mercenaries from Arab tribes of Chad and Niger to fight in Yemeni war 
Middle East Monitor|   02 October 2018
> Abu Dhabi’s envoys are located throughout Africa, not to spread peace, love, or happiness – as promoted by the UAE to be a part of its external policies – but in search of mercenaries from Arab tribes to be recruited to fight in the Yemen war as Emirati soldiers.

Afghanistan Will Not Allow ‘Foreign Mercenaries': Ghani 
Tolo News|   01 October 2018
> In reaction to the possibility of privatizing the Afghan war, President Ashraf Ghani said he will not allow “foreign mercenaries” to operate in Afghanistan.

Afghan Leaders Oppose Privatizing U.S. War 
Gandhara|   01 October 2018
> Afghan officials and lawmakers have warned of catastrophic consequences if Washington agrees to privatize its war effort in Afghanistan by contracting security operations to private firms.

Police: Security guard fatally shoots armed man at arcade 
WFTV|   01 October 2018
> Police in Florida say a private security guard fatally shot a man who was trying to rob an arcade.

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