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An expert from ArmorGroup (left) trains local members of the Nepal and Maoist Armies on the safe removal of unexploded devices.
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Security firm eyed to keep Hawaii homeless out of parks  
The Witchita Eagle|  31 October 2017
> Hawaii Gov. David Ige said officials are working to hire a private security firm to enforce Kakaako park hours and keep the homeless out of the parks when they are closed for the night.

Don’t Be Intimidated; Security Guards Don’t Have Any Special Policing Rights  
The Daily Vox|  31 October 2017
> Security guards in South Africa are known for abusing their power but what a few people know is that security do not hold any real power according to the law.

Tension Rises as Australia Starts to Dismantle Papua New Guinea Detention Center  
U.S. News|  30 October 2017
> Australian private security on Tuesday vacated an asylum seeker detention center in Papua New Guinea (PNG) ahead of its planned closure, detainees said, leaving about 600 refugees and asylum seekers barricaded inside and refusing to move.

Death at oil depot: Rifle recovered from private security guard  
The Tribune|  30 October 2017
> The Government Railway Police (GRP) have recovered a rifle from security guard Gurdeep Singh that was used for allegedly killing Pardeep Singh alias Babbu on October 23.

Private security in Africa: time to regulate the bad and harness the good  
Business Day|  28 October 2017
> Very few countries in Africa keep consistent and reliable tabs on the size and nature of the private security industry, but it can safely be argued that the industry is deeply embedded in policing Africa — and that it is on the rise. However, private security is highly contested and beset by a number of problems.

Ports, airports alerted to check ‘radicalised’ Indians returning from IS strongholds in Syria, Iraq  
Hindustan Times|  28 October 2017
> Indian agencies are constantly in touch with their Iraqi, Syrian, Russian and American counterparts to ensure that each of these radicalised mercenary Indians is accounted for and not let loose in the society at large.

Exclusive: Death certificate offers clues on Russian casualties in Syria  
Reuters|  27 October 2017
> An official document seen by Reuters shows that at least 131 Russian citizens died in Syria in the first nine months of this year, a number that relatives, friends and local officials say included private military contractors.

Scotland Yard’s new counter-terror strategy: Use private guards  
Hindustan Times|  27 October 2017
> Officials said the vast number of private security guards employed at various venues could become an important part of police’s “national armoury” against terrorists.

Sindh Governor Zubair lauds role of private security agencies  
The Pakistan Times|  26 October 2017
> The governor said that the private security agencies are contributing their bit towards protection of financial institutions, industrial areas as well as the lives and properties of the people. He stated that for further improving the performance of their guards, the security agencies would have to take appropriate steps for provision of effective training opportunities.

Blackwater founder still promotes plan to privatize Afghan operations  
Reuters|  26 October 2017
> The founder of private military contractor Blackwater is trying to interest U.S. intelligence agencies in his plan to privatize counter-terrorism operations in Afghanistan, even though the Trump administration earlier rejected the idea.

Countering the ‘Pirates’ Paradise’: Unmanned Systems and Marine Security in Southeast Asia  
The Diplomat|  26 October 2017
> Beyond efforts led by states, the possibility of using private security companies for unmanned surveillance ought to be considered carefully. Private companies could provide such services in a two-fold system. The first would be via MALE drones, capable of tracking and surveilling on a broad scale. The second option comes in the form of deploying armed guards – as is increasingly the custom on international shipping vessels – using small unmanned units.

Police turn to bouncers for help in beating terror threat  
The Times|  26 October 2017
> Private security guards across the country are to be mobilised as part of the counterterrorism effort, trained to spot suspicious behaviour by potential attackers and respond in the event of an atrocity.

French security companies target Benghazi  
Africa Intelligence|  26 October 2017
> The closer links which have been forged recently between eastern Libyan strong man Khalifa Haftar and France (MC 1264) are opening up new prospects for French private security companies.

Nigeria Reinforces Ban on Embarked Security Contractors  
The Maritime Executive|  25 October 2017
> In 2008-2012, when Somali pirates began increasing the frequency of their attacks in the Gulf of Aden, shipowners relied on a combination of hardening measures, multinational naval patrols and embarked private maritime security contractors (PMSCs) to counter the threat. This multifaceted response eliminated successful pirate attacks off Somalia for five years. But in the waters off Nigeria, where hijackings are a longstanding problem, shipowners may not have legal access to embarked PMSCs to counter the risk of piracy, despite advocacy by industry representatives.

Private security company suspended after live ammunition claims  
News24|  25 October 2017
> A private security company at the University of the Free State’s (UFS) Qwaqwa campus has been suspended after reports that they used live ammunition on students protesting for free education, university management has confirmed.

Kidnapping/Terrorism: Buratai approves training of private companies’ personnel  
The Nation|  25 October 2017
> Nigeria's Chief of Army Staff, (COAS) Lt. General Tukur Buratai has approved the training of security personnel of prominent companies and private organisations in the country to raise awareness and improve the competencies of security personnel against terrorism and emerging security threats.

Could Private Military win our longest war? 
World Net Daily|  24 October 2017
> Erik Prince says he has a better idea – fight terrorists with only 2,000 American Special Operations personnel, plus “a contractor force” of 6,000. Prince is the founder of Blackwater, the private military contractor. ​ ​ The military uses contractors to provide security, deliver mail, rescue soldiers and more. Private contractors often do jobs well, for much less than the government would spend.

SISF unlikely to foray into private sector  
The Times of India|  24 October 2017
> SISF commandant Unwin Antony said that unauthorized entries are reported as those without legitimate identity cards and the force is on a mission to regulate such entries. Technopark is following the Infopark in Kochi, where 56 armed SISF men protect four government buildings, entrances and guide private security of individual offices in security matters. At present Technopark is manned by 22 SISF personnel.

DPM: Security companies found hiring undocumented workers will have licenses revoked  
The Malay Mail Online|  24 October 2017
> Serbian troops in groups “LNB” and “DND”. The security Service of Ukraine stated about three hundred “soldier of fortune” from Serbia who fought or continue to fight in the Donbass.

The uncharted world of private security  
The Times of India|  24 October 2017
> Last week Malayalis had their hands full after TV channels aired the news that police had seized the vehicles of a Goa-based security agency, whose services were apparently requisitioned by actor Dileep. Even as police sought more details from him over hiring bodyguards, not many would have thought about private security firms functioning in Kerala.

Serbian Mercenaries in the Donbass: How Russia recruits Serbs in the ranks of militants  
The Quebec Times|  24 October 2017
> Serbian troops in groups “LNB” and “DND”. The security Service of Ukraine stated about three hundred “soldier of fortune” from Serbia who fought or continue to fight in the Donbass.

Widow of Russian major killed in Syria battles for compensation  
Reuters|  23 October 2017
> According to a Reuters tally, more than 80 Russian fighters, including high-ranking officers and private military contractors, were killed in Syria in the two years of the operation. The official death toll is 39, because the defense ministry does not disclose all deaths.

In Syria, the Russian Military Found the Ultimate Testing Ground  
StratFor World Review|  23 October 2017
> The Syrian conflict came at a cost for Russia, to be sure. Moscow suffered significant casualties, including the loss of high-ranking officers. Numerous Russian citizens were also killed while serving in Syria as private military contractors, often with little public acknowledgment.

Vehicles of private security agency ‘roped in’ by Dileep seized  
The New Indian Express|  22 October 2017
> The Kottarakkara police on Saturday took into custody two vehicles belonging to a Goa-based private security agency, whose services are believed to have been requisitioned by actor Dileep. Kottarakkara SI C K Manoj said it was based on the instruction from the office of DGP Intelligence the vehicles were taken into custody.

2 Suspects in Dakota Access Pipeline Protests Avoid Trial  
U.S. News|  20 October 2017
> A US private aviation contractor conducted evacuations of US and Nigerien troops after they were ambushed on October 4 in Niger, according to US Africa Command spokesperson Robyn Mack. Mack said that US private contractor Berry Aviation was "on alert during the incident and conducted casualty evacuation and transport for US and partner forces."

Firm Pays $2.6M After Hiring Guards in Iraq Who Couldn't Shoot|  18 October 2017
> A security firm accused of billing the Defense Department millions of dollars for guards at a U.S. air base in Iraq has agreed to pay $2.6 million in a settlement with the government, after allegations that the guards couldn't shoot easy targets.

Private contractor used to evacuate US forces in Niger ambush  
CNN|  18 October 2017
> A US private aviation contractor conducted evacuations of US and Nigerien troops after they were ambushed on October 4 in Niger, according to US Africa Command spokesperson Robyn Mack. Mack said that US private contractor Berry Aviation was "on alert during the incident and conducted casualty evacuation and transport for US and partner forces."

U.S.-backed militias say they take major Raqqa position from ISIS  
Reuters|  17 October 2017
> The SDF, an alliance of Kurdish and Arab militias, is now fighting Islamic State in the area around Raqqa stadium, said the spokesman Mostafa Bali in a message. “During these clashes, the National Hospital was liberated and cleared from the Daesh mercenaries, and 22 of these foreign mercenaries were killed there,” said Bali.

Security guard of co-op society murdered during robbery bid  
The Times of India|  16 October 2017
> A private security guard of Primary Agricultural Co-Operative Society (PACS) at Vaiyappamalai in Namakkal district was murdered during a robbery bid on Saturday night.

Libyan security force stops armed groups from taking over capital  
Xinhua|  16 October 2017
> The Special Deterrent Force of the Interior Ministry of Libya stopped the military group, which had entered the western area of Warshaffana in the past few days. The force said that the group included mercenaries from Sudan, and they have arrested some, among them a Sudanese national named Imam Daoud al-Faki, who is "responsible for this 120-member group from the Sudanese Justice and Equality Movement."

Reston contractor Triple Canopy to pay $2.6M to settle false claims suit  
WTOP|  16 October 2017
> Security contractor Triple Canopy has agreed to pay $2.6 million to settle civil False Claims Act allegations that the company submitted false claims for payment to the Department of Defense for unqualified security guards stationed in Iraq.

U.S.-allied forces begin final assault on Islamic State in Syria's Raqqa  
The Chicago Tribune|  15 October 2017
> The SDF said the initiative by local tribesmen and members of the Raqqa Civil Council "succeed in evacuating civilians who were still in the city and the surrender of 275 local mercenaries and their families." It added that the ongoing offensive aims to "end the presence of mercenaries of the terrorist organization inside the city."

Zuma face-off with Ramaphosa looms over MK veterans' conference  
News24|  15 October 2017
> Military veterans are currently housed under the department of defence, but there is a strong lobby to provide veterans with their own department and ministry. It was envisioned that military veterans would play a bigger role in the R40bn private security industry. The government hopes to reduce foreign ownership in security companies.

‘How We Fought Boko Haram With Ukranian Mercenaries Posing As Instructors’ -Retired Airforce Chief  
Sahara Reporters|  14 October 2017
> A former Chief of Administration at the Nigerian Air Force headquarters, Air Vice Marshal Mohammed Alkali Mamu yesterday told an FCT High Court how foreign mercenary pilots were engaged to combat Boko Haram terrorists, disguised as instructors.

UAE planned to invade Qatar with Blackwater-linked mercenaries, says former Qatar official  
The New Arab|  13 October 2017
> Qatar's former deputy prime minister has accused the United Arab Emirates of plotting to invade Doha with an army of mercenaries. Abdullah bin Hamad al-Attiyah made the charges on Wednesday in a report published by Spanish daily ABC.

Home Ministry identifies security companies suspected of employing Abu Sayyaf members  
New Straits Times|  13 October 2017
> The Singapore Home Ministry has identified security companies, suspected to have been employing Abu Sayyaf group members. Its secretary-general Datuk Seri Alwi Ibrahim said however the level of involvement of these companies were still under investigation by the ministry and the police.

McCaskill wants answers after military and intelligence personnel files exposed  
The Hill|  13 October 2017
> Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) wants to know why thousands of files containing personal information of military and intelligence personnel were allegedly left unsecured and available for public download for months. The information was from job applications to TigerSwan, a North Carolina-based private security firm, and was acquired and improperly stored online by its one-time recruitment firm TalentPen. The files date back to 2009.

Ex-UN chief Annan: Get Myanmar refugees home, not to camps  
The Washington Post|  13 October 2017
> Myanmar’s government needs to “create conditions that will allow the refugees to return with dignity and with a sense of security” and help them rebuild in violence-wracked Rakhine state, said Kofi Annan, who recently headed a commission on the crisis there. “They should not be returned to camps,” he said after addressing an informal, private Security Council meeting on the issue. “They need assistance to get their homes back.”

New U.S. Afghan strategy fails to recognize Taliban’s theocratic ideology, critics say  
The World Tribune|  13 October 2017
> Erik Prince, the founder of the private military firm Blackwater, referred to the new Afghanistan strategy as “kind of Obama-lite.” Prince who had proposed a plan to privatize the war effort in Afghanistan was reportedly barred from a final meeting at the White House before President Trump announced his administration’s strategy on Aug. 21.

Charlottesville officials join Va. lawsuit to bar activity by private military groups  
The Washington Post|  12 October 2017
> The other lawsuit, joined by the Charlottesville City Council, fixes on the heavily armed, camo-clad private militias at the rally using a rarely invoked provision of Virginia’s constitution attorneys say bans military organizations other than those controlled by the state government. That complaint seeks to avoid another “invasion of roving paramilitary bands and unaccountable vigilante peacekeepers.”

Airport attacks 'critical'  
IOL|  12 October 2017
> Police are convinced that the “follow home” airport attacks have dropped since July. However, security companies say the situation is still critical. Their clients are forking out R3000, and sometimes more, for armed security to escort them safely from OR Tambo International Airport to their destinations.

Russia May Soon Allow Foreigners to Officially Serve in Its Military  
Foreign Policy|  11 October 2017
> Russian President Vladimir Putin has moved to legalize the military’s use of foreign volunteers in overseas operations, a new step in the country’s increasing engagement in wars abroad.

South Sudan oil conference fails to draw biggest energy firms  
Reuters|  11 October 2017
> This is not a reassuring message, said Andrew Firth of Insight Secure, a regional private security and risk management firm. “The quickest way to drive the petroleum sector forward is by allowing the market to drive development, not for the government to drive (it).”

The Scale of Pentagon Waste Boggles the Mind, But Congress Keeps Giving Them More  
Foreign Policy in Focus|  10 October 2017
> For some officials and commentators, the solution is outsourcing. The Center for a New American Security’s Daniel Straub even argues in a recent article that “private contractors can help win the war in Afghanistan,” because “profit is incentive to do a job right.” Contractors, he suggests, can bring flexibility and efficiency, perhaps saving the taxpayer as much as $35 billion.

The World’s Biggest Military Contractors Don’t Encrypt Their Websites  
Motherboard|  09 October 2017
> The websites of four of the five largest American defense and military contractors, which received a combined $95,278,712,971 last year from the US government, don't use web encryption.

Erik Prince: Founder of mercenary group used by George W Bush in Iraq war 'to run for Senate'  
The Independent|  09 October 2017
> Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater, a private security contractor firm used extensively by the administration of George W Bush, is said to be “seriously considering” challenging Wyoming Senator John Barrasso, who currently holds a senior position in the Senate Republican leadership.

Bannon encouraging Blackwater founder to primary Wyoming senator: report  
The Hill|  08 October 2017
> Former White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon is pushing Blackwater founder Erik Prince to challenge Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) in the state's 2018 Republican senate primary, according to The New York Times.

Seattle City Light has paid $7.8M to off-duty cops in ‘unusual relationship’  
The Seattle Times|  08 October 2017
> A retired Seattle police officer’s private company has exclusively billed Seattle City Light more than $7.8 million over the past five years to provide off-duty police officers for traffic control or security work, according to billing data obtained by The Seattle Times.

NPA disarms Cagayan mayor’s security, burns equipment  
The Manila Times|  07 October 2017
> In a statement distributed to different radio stations in Tuguegarao City, Falcon said village council members Sergio Tinasa and Jose Mallabo of Tabbak village as well as barangay (village) officials of Villasuelo who serve as Antiporda’s private security personnel, were divested of their firearms.

Russia strikes kill 120 IS fighters, over 60 ‘foreign mercenaries’ in Syria  
The Times of Israel|  07 October 2017
> Some 120 Islamic State fighters and 60 foreign mercenaries were killed in a series of Russian air strikes in Syria over the past 24 hours, the defense ministry in Moscow said on Saturday.

SBU: In the Fighting in the Donbass was Attended by Russian "Group of Wagner"  
The Quebec Times|  07 October 2017
> A group from Wagner participated in the conflict in the Donbas and is the largest of the private military companies in Russia, declare in SBU. The security service of Ukraine established the involvement in the conflict in the Donbass, and also in Syria, the Russian private company “PMC Wagner” (“Private military company Wagner”), the Chairman of SBU Vasiliy Gritsak.

Bay keen to regulate ‘spy’ cameras  
Herald Live|  07 October 2017
> The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality is on a mission to regulate licence plate recognition (LPR) cameras in a bid to reduce the high rate of crime in the city. As private security companies install more LPR cameras, the municipality will embark on an audit to find out exactly how many are in the city.

Contractor gets 3-year sentence for Iraq fraud that cost U.S. millions  
The Washington Post|  06 October 2017
> A former government contractor who helped scam the State Department out of millions of dollars was sentenced Friday to three years in prison. Jose Rivera, 57, of Potomac, Md., worked with two others to trick the contractor DynCorp into paying a grossly inflated rent for a training camp in Iraq, according to prosecutors.

Russian mercenaries captured by ISIS 'are executed after refusing to reject Christianity and become Muslim'  
Daily Post|  06 October 2017
> Two Russian mercenaries reportedly captured by ISIS jihadists are feared to have been executed because they refused to read out a statement saying they rejected their Christian faith and had become Muslim.

Protect indigenous people to help fight climate change, says UN rapporteur  
The Guardian|  06 October 2017
> Indigenous people are locked in fierce conflicts with mining, logging and agricultural companies and their private security firms in hundreds of places from Indonesia to Brazil. 2016 was the deadliest year on record for land rights defenders with about 200 people killed in conflicts in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

South Africa: Damning Letter From Prasa Manager Describes Railway Security Meltdown  
AllAfrica|  05 October 2017
> Among the problems identified by the Executive of the Passenger Rail Association of South Africa (PRASA, he states that private security contractors are not performing and PRASA has "suffered huge losses" as a result. Trains have been set alight where security guards are deployed.

BDS forces UN women’s office in Jordan to cancel G4S contract  
Middle East Monitor|  05 October 2017
> The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) in Jordan has dropped its contracts with the world’s largest security firm, G4S, following an ongoing BDS campaign over the firm’s role in Israel’s violations of human rights, Jordan BDS has reported.

The Russian captives who may link Syria, Ukraine and the Kremlin’s fight against the opposition  
The Washington Post|  05 October 2017
> According to interviews by Russian media with relatives of the men and photographs taken from social media, one of the captured Russians belongs to a hyper-patriotic veterans group and fought in a shadowy private military company whose commanders have received awards at the Kremlin. The other belonged to a pro-Kremlin Cossack paramilitary group whose members have also fought in eastern Ukraine.

Moscow denies ISIL captives are Russian soldiers  
AlJazeera|  04 October 2017
> In the video posted to ISIL's Amaq website, a man speaking in Russian identifies himself as Roman Zabolotny from Rostovskaya region and says he was captured during an ISIL offensive in the village, along with the man sitting next to him, whom he identifies as Grigory Tsurkanu from Domodedovski region. Tsurkanu's brother, Roman, told local media that he was part of a private military company called Wagner and that he had been to Syria previously either in 2012 or 2013.

Concert Security Will Get Way More Intense After Vegas  
Vice|  03 October 2017
> "The top threats we have today didn't exist three years ago," Jason Porter, eastern region vice president for global private security firm Pinkerton, said. "These heinous acts are something that have to be at the forefront of every major event planner's mind."

Roanoke security professionals trying to learn from Las Vegas shooting  
WSLS 10|  03 October 2017
> Localities around our area are taking another look at their security policies for events following the shooting in Las Vegas. We're [WSLS 10] hearing from officials in the Star City and a private security contractor about how they hope to keep people safe at outdoor events moving forward.

Deadly Las Vegas carnage unavoidable, security experts say  
The Japan Times|  03 October 2017
> Brosnan and several other security experts said the shooting at a country music festival that left at least 59 people dead and more than 500 injured underscored the difficulty for law enforcement to stay one step ahead of someone planning such attacks.

Security companies, police nab hijackers  
IOL|  02 October 2017
> The action of private security companies and the police has led to the arrest of two alleged hijackers.

Why One Of Japan's Largest Organized Crime Groups Is Looking For Legitimate Work  
Forbes|  02 October 2017
> Japan's organized crime groups (aka the yakuza) are still big business. The National Police Agency estimates that they still collect 5% of all revenue from construction work; yakuza front companies are involved in waste disposal, entertainment and labor dispatch. They operate both legitimate and illegal businesses. Now one group is considering going into the private security racket.

Army probe points to failings that enabled brutal Halamish terror attack  
The Times of Israel|  02 October 2017
> An IDF investigation into a brutal terror attack in which three Israelis were stabbed to death by a Palestinian teenager in the Halamish settlement in July found significant failings by both soldiers and civilian security personnel before and during the attack, an army spokesperson said Monday.

'Keep your eyes open': Security officials say people are best defense against concert shootings  
WRAL|  02 October 2017
> Private security firms typically pair up with local law enforcement agencies in securing outdoor venues, but Harrison and Reese acknowledge that nothing is foolproof.

Equifax breach bigger than first thought  
KOMO News|  02 October 2017
> The private security firm Mandiant, hired to investigate the massive Equifax data breach, says hackers may have stolen the personal information of 2.5 million more people than Equifax first announced. That brings the total to 145.5 million American consumers likely at risk.

White House meet legitimates Thailand’s strongman rule  
Asia Times|  01 October 2017
> “The US press corps, unrestrained by Thai military censorship and hostile to a Trump administration, is likely to raise embarrassing questions about…palling around with coup-sponsoring generals,” said Quaglia, who is now the Bangkok-based director of PQA Associates, a private security concern in Hong Kong.

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