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An expert from ArmorGroup (left) trains local members of the Nepal and Maoist Armies on the safe removal of unexploded devices.
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Private defense companies are here to stay – what does that mean for national security?  
The Conversation |  31 May 2017
> Share prices of many military and intelligence contractors have risen sharply since President Donald Trump’s election.

Blackwater founder's FSG buys stake in Chinese security school  
Reuters |  30 May 2017
> Hong Kong-listed Frontier Services Group (FSG), co-founded by former U.S. military services contractor Erik Prince, said it had acquired 25 percent of a Chinese security training facility, the company's latest move to tap into China's Belt and Road development plan.

The Creeping Privitization of America's Armed Forces  
Newsweek |  28 May 2017
> Since the end of the Cold War, two trends have fed this expansion: 1) the rise of private equity (PE) and 2) the increased dependence of the United States on private military companies/contractors (PMCs).

Overtaxation kills security firms: group  
The Citizen |  24 May 2017
> For the first time, private security companies were last year included among the 'professional services' businesses that are subject to the 5 percent withholding tax - an obligation applied to higher-waged professionals in areas such as accountancy and consultancy.

Sudan: Wali of Blue Nile Congratulates Army and Rapid Support Forces On Victories Over Remnants of Agents and Mercenaries  
All Africa |  22 May 2017
> The Wali (governor) of the Blue Nile State, Hussein Yassin Hamad has congratulated the Army and te Rapid Support Forces on their victories over the remnants of agents and the mercenaries in East Darfur State.

Army arrests 17 war mercenaries in Akwa Ibom  
Daily Post |  22 May 2017
> The Nigerian Army, 2 Brigade, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, has nabbed 17 armed youths said to be war mercenaries. The suspects, who were picked up by soldiers during raids on their hideouts on Saturday, were said to be members of a sponsored gang that had been threatening the peace of Ayadeghe community in Oku Iboku, in the Itu Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State.

Sudan: Govt Forces Attack Minawi's SLM Rebels in Darfur  
All Africa |  21 May 2017
> According to a statement by Ahmed Khalifa El Shami, spokesman for the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) on Saturday, a joint force of army troops and members of the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) "confronted armed groups of mercenaries who simultaneously entered North and East Darfur from Libya and South Sudan to undermine peace and stability in Sudan".

Chandigarh cops to maintain records of agencies providing bouncers, security guards  
Hindustan Times |  19 May 2017
> There are 103 registered private security agencies operating in Chandigarh that employ around 10,000 security guards with private agencies. In addition, 400 people, including college-going students, sportsmen and gym trainers are associated with the industry.

When is a Mercenary (Not) a Mercenary? The Case of Foreign Fighters in the UAE’s Military  
Just Security |  18 May 2017
> These terms do have more-or-less precise meanings in international law, and there are good reasons for that precision, grounded in a deliberately established balance between liberty and security interests of individuals and states. But in popular parlance, and to the detriment of both liberty and security, these terms are used indiscriminately today.

PNG police chief stands down expat security contractor over ‘illegals’  
Asia Pacific Report |  18 May 2017
> A group of United States security contractors engaged by Papua New Guinea’s police chief to give firearms training have been stood down from their duties, ABC’s Pacific Beat reports.

Danger zones along new Silk Road an opportunity for Chinese security firms  
South China Morning Post |  18 May 2017
> Li, chairman of Beijing-based private security contractor DeWe Group, is looking to help his company cash in on the vast security needs that could be generated by the new Silk Road, China’s big plan to link the country through trade and infrastructure to the rest of the world.

New laws could mean the end of private security as we know it in SA: report  
Business Tech |  17 May 2017
> This year could see the Private Security Industry Regulation Amendment Bill signed into law, if its brief return to the spotlight yesterday in State Security Minister David Mahlobo’s 2017/18 budget vote speech is any indication, notes Legalbrief’s Pam Saxby.

SFormer health secretary grilled by CBI for irregularities  
The Times of India |  14 May 2017
> The Central Bureau of Investigation has questioned former Delhi health secretary Dr Tarun Seem for alleged irregularities in hiring three private security companies for hospitals -a decision which was approved by the Arvind Kejriwal-led cabinet in just one day.

South Africa’s R40bn private security industry under threat  
The Daily Maverick |  14 May 2017
> More is being spent by South African citizens on private security than ever before, R45-billion a year, to be exact. That’s a third more than the government spent on the police last year, making South Africa’s private security industry the fourth largest in the world per capita. But a controversial bill currently awaiting President Zuma’s signature threatens to throw the industry into turmoil.

The industry of inequality: why the world is obsessed with private security  
The Guardian |  12 May 2017
> At least half the world’s population lives in countries where there are more private security workers than public police officers, according to a new Guardian analysis.

[Video] Child Soldiers  
AlJazeera |  11 May 2017
> These former child soldiers became hired guns in the US war in Iraq - for just $250/month.

AfriForum: Private Security In Coligny Will Only Step In If Private Property Is Attacked  
Huffington Post |  11 May 2017
> Private security from a Pretoria-based company, paid for by AfriForum, has been sent to the North West town "in case of further attacks on private property", the group's head of community safety Ian Cameron told HuffPost SA.

One Analyst On Why The Boom In America's Privatized Military Is 'Here To Stay'  
WBUR |  10 May 2017
> Demand for military contractors surged with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, but what impact has the boom in private defense contractors had on the U.S. military?

Thousands flee Congo conflict, swelling villages over border in Angola  
Reuters |  10 May 2017
> All had fled clashes between Congolese government and militia forces that erupted in Congo's Kasai-Central province in July, then spread to four other provinces.

Iraq Hires US Military Contractors to Secure Baghdad-Amman Highway  
Albawaba News |  08 May 2017
> The Iraqi government has signed a contract with US mercenaries to secure a road between Baghdad and the Jordanian capital of Amman.

EU rules on private security companies  
New Europe |  07 May 2017
> The European Parliament has finally expressed its concern about how private security companies operate in European member states.

Police close four private security companies  
The New Times |  06 May 2017
> Police in Rwanda has issued stern warning to private security service providers against unprofessional conduct and violating standard procedures.The warning follows the closure of four private security firms, which were operating illegally.

In Parliament this week: sharing economy, money laundering, private security companies  
European Parliament News |  02 May 2017
> On Tuesday afternoon, the foreign affairs committee votes on recommendations on how to strengthen oversight of private security companies operating in EU countries, as well as in EU missions abroad. Some of them have been repeatedly involved in incidents resulting in injury or even the loss of life.

Child Soldiers Reloaded: The Privatisation of War  
Al Jazeera |  01 May 2017
> As armies and war increasingly become 'outsourced', private military companies have taken on a wider increasing range of responsibilities, from security and intelligence analysis to training and combat roles.

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