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An expert from ArmorGroup (left) trains local members of the Nepal and Maoist Armies on the safe removal of unexploded devices.
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Silicon Valley private security guards win union representation 
Scilicon Valley Business Journal |  30 January 2017
> In what union officials described as Silicon Valley’s largest private sector organizing effort, 3,000 private security guards on high tech campuses like Facebook, Cisco and Genentech have won recognition as members of Service Employees International Union-United Service Workers West (SEIU-USWW).

Attempted Sg Petani bank robber allegedly stole RM120,000 from own company 
New Straits Times |  26 January 2017
> The 50-year-old suspect in a botched heist at a bank branch in Taman Ria Jaya here yesterday had allegedly stolen about RM120,000 in cash from the private security company he managed.

India Gives Major Military Contract to Domestic Private Companies 
Sputnik International |  26 January 2017
> State-owned Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) will be developing ATAGS with two private-sector firms, Tata Power SED and the Kalyani Group. Valued at $4.5 billion, the production order could be be a potential windfall for India’s private defense groups, as New Delhi’s army seeks to fill its requirement of over 1,500 towed guns.

New Web Platform to Streamline Security Industry 
Business Cloud |  25 January 2017
> A Manchester-based web platform is looking to improve the efficiency of the UK security industry after launching in the last fortnight.

Protesters, Oil Companies Gear Up for Next Round at Standing Rock 
The Wall Street Journal |  24 January 2017
> Protesters opposed to the Dakota Access Pipeline are gearing up for a new round of clashes after the inauguration of President Donald Trump. So are oil companies—and the private security firms they have hired to police the protests.

Dubai police seek strong ties with private sector 
The National |  23 January 2017
> The police have worked with private security companies providing special training programmes through the academy.

Trump proposes parades to display US military power 
Press TV |  19 January 2017
> According to a report by the Heritage Foundation in November, the US military has become “weaker” and reliant on military contractors and requires more spending to reverse that trend.

How the U.S. Military Sees the Anti-ISIS Fight 
The Atlantic |  18 January 2017
> To augment Iraqi efforts, the president has opted to put on the ground only secretive U.S. military units, intelligence gatherers, and private contractors to hunt for terrorist leaders and hostages, while leading from the air and seas a multinational aerial campaign that has delivered more than 17,000 air strikes.

Former Blackwater Guards Appeal Sentence in Iraq Shooting Case 
The Wall Street Journal |  17 January 2017
> Former Blackwater USA private security guards serving lengthy prison terms for the shooting deaths of 14 Iraqis in a Baghdad traffic circle in 2007 tried to convince an appeals court Tuesday to overturn their convictions, arguing they were improperly prosecuted under a law authored by then-Sen. Jeff Sessions. The law, the Military Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Act, subjected certain U.S. government contractors working overseas in support of the Department of Defense to U.S. criminal prosecution.

Erik Prince behind some mysterious bombings in Libya 
Digital Journal |  14 January 2017
> An article by Arnaud Delalande in War Is Boring reports that Intelligence Online (IOL), which covers most world intelligence services, claims that pilots flying from Al-Khadim air base in Libya work for Erik Prince former head of Blackwater.

West after resource management in Mideast, North Africa 
PressTV |  11 January 2017
> The wars in MENA are being run as “a business” by “private contractors” and foreign factions in a bid to make profit of oil and gas resources in the region, he noted. Foreign mercenaries have entered into some countries in the Middle East and North Africa and created “disturbances” and “instability” in order to pave the way for the West “to harvest the resources” of these regions, he added.

Long hours, thankless job: Singapore's security sector struggles to secure talent 
Channel NewsAsia |  10 January 2017
> Trained in areas such as handling firearms and counter-terrorism, APOs are deployed in a range of functions including protecting key installations and non-governmental premises such as commercial banks, as well as supporting police deployment at major events like the Singapore Formula One Grand Prix. APOs are also given police powers to search and arrest offenders when on duty, and can escort persons in custody. With a 3,500-strong team, private security firm Certis CISCO is the biggest auxiliary police force (APF) in Singapore, followed by AETOS and SATS Security Services. In total, there are about 7,000 APOs, with more than half being Singaporeans, according to Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam last April.

Guns for hire in Hereford: inside England's unlikely global security hub 
The Guardian |  10 January 2017
> The world’s private military-security industry is always controversial, with critics arguing that it operates in a lawless regulatory climate and undermines the very fundamentals of democracy: the idea that only an accountable state has the right to the legitimate use of force. The main reason for Hereford’s position at the centre of global conflict is its location right next to the village of Credenhill, where Britain’s Special Air Service – the SAS – is based. There is, of course, no official acknowledgment of this fact, but when you drive into Credenhill and pass the RAF base, you see the layers of armed police and military manning the entrance.

China’s Elite Bodyguards Are Struggling to Find Enough Rich People to Protect 
Time |  09 January 2017
> Training bodyguards has been big business in China for years. The country has the world’s highest number of billionaires and all the elite trappings that go with them — including a need for private-security personnel. Chen, a former Special Forces soldier specializing in counterterrorism, started his school in 2008 to cash in on that demand.

Security firm calls for body vest 
SkyNews |  09 January 2017
> The increasing risk of terrorism and gun crime in Sydney means the law preventing private security contractors from wearing body armour vests needs to change, the head of a security firm says.

Two mercenaries detained under Goondas Act 
The Hindu |  06 January 2017
> Two Madurai-based mercenaries, who were arrested in September last year after they beheaded a man, have been detained under Goondas Act. Acting on the recommendation of Superintendent of Police N. Manivannan, Collector S. Natarajan passed the detention order on Wednesday against Thirupathy (34) from Valayankulam and Prabakaran (24) from Kamarajar Nagar in Madurai.

Russia Announces Military Drawdown in Syria 
The Wall Street Journal |  06 January 2017
> The Russian military has suffered only a handful of casualties during its intervention in Syria, including the deaths of one military adviser and two doctors in the weeks leading up to the retaking of Aleppo late last month. The government hasn’t officially acknowledged casualties among private military contractors supporting its operations there.

‘Gambian President, Jammeh hiring mercenaries after election defeat’ 
YNaija |  05 January 2017
> Reports say that Jammeh has been in contact with fighters used by former Liberian president Charles Taylor.A former commander who fought for Taylor said, “Jammeh is ready to fight to the teeth and spend money to stay in power.” The commander said Jammeh’s effort is being led by a former Liberian general and one-time Taylor loyalist who has recruited ex-fighters for other conflicts in West Africa.

The U.S. Should Form a Closer Military Alliance with Israel 
Time |  05 January 2017
> Perhaps the most important area of potential cooperation is in the world of cybersecurity. Israeli intelligence gathering is superb, and the integration of the Israeli military with the nation’s robust private-sector security firms is nearly seamless. Israel is also ahead of the U.S. in bringing advancements from the private sector into public hands; the brightest people constantly flow between the military and civilian spheres.

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