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An expert from ArmorGroup (left) trains local members of the Nepal and Maoist Armies on the safe removal of unexploded devices.
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Security firm employee shot dead in Indiranagar  
The Times of India |  31 December 2017
> Two unidentified bike-borne miscreants peppered a security agency worker with bullets in full public view at the busy sector 25 crossing on Ring Road in Indiranagar under Ghazipur police station area on Saturday evening.

Anti-ramming barriers among beefed-up security measures for Sentosa's New Year countdown  
The Strait Times |  30 December 2017
> Compared with last year, there has been a 10 per cent to 20 per cent increase in police manpower deployed to the annual beach party, Supt Hui said. More than 200 private security officers, hired by SDC, and police officers, including uniformed and plain-clothes officers, will be deployed for the countdown event.

Germans Will Ring in New Year With Extra Security, Especially for Women  
The New York Times |  29 December 2017
> In Berlin, hundreds of thousands of people are expected to descend on the roughly mile-long street that runs from the Brandenburg Gate to the Victory Column in the center of the city’s main park, Tiergarten. There, 500 private security personnel will patrol, backed up by many of the 1,600 officers who will be on New Year’s Eve patrol in the capital.

Syria Says U.S. Forces Should Leave As Contractors, Diplomats Prepare To Arrive  
NPR |  29 December 2017
> Defense Secretary Jim Mattis says contractors and diplomats will be sent to Eastern Syria to help stabilize the country, protected by American troops already there.

Tanzania: Commission to Rule On Acacia-Workers Dispute Tomorrow  
All Africa |  28 December 2017
> The Commission for Mediation and Arbitration (CMA) in Shinyanga Region is set to deliver a ruling on a labour dispute pitting workers and Acacia North Mara Gold Mine tomorrow, December 29. Acacia North Mara Gold Mine plans to retrench 136 security guards and hire a private security company to provide similar services.

Turkish Private Security Company Akdeniz to Shift Business Model  
Bloomberg |  28 December 2017
> Turkey’s overhaul of how it allocates state contracts to private companies is spurring Akdeniz Guvenlik Hizmetleri AS to accelerate a shift into more profitable lines of business, even though it means the security firm stands to lose as much as 40 percent of its revenue next year.

Cutty Security Takes the Lead in Private Security Field Thanks to Their Affordable Pricing  
Mil Tech |  27 December 2017
> When it comes to private security services, oneArizona security company takes the lead in their innovative patrol division. Cutty Protection Security was founded by Rick Hanson, an international protection agent who has serviced sports teams, senators and famous clients in the private security arena with over 25 years’ experience.

Uganda: New Twist in Security Incident At CCEDU Office  
All Africa |  27 December 2017
> There are conflicting accounts on whether what happened at the Citizens' Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda (CCEDU) headquarters on Monday night was an armed raid or rare visit by the security company that guards the premises at awkward hours in Nsambya, a city suburb.

How to make soldiering attractive to non-Malays  
Free Malaysia Today |  22 December 2017
> Last Saturday, the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) chief, Gen Raja Mohamed Affandi Mohamed Noor, told the press that the military was targeting a 10% annual enrolment increase and was seeking youths of all races. Santiago acknowledged that the perception of racial discrimination was not the only factor discouraging non-Malays from joining the forces. Many believed they would get better pay in the private sector, he said.

Dying for a paycheck: the Russian civilians fighting in Syria  
Reuters |  21 December 2017
> According to a Reuters tally based on accounts from people who knew the deceased and local officials, at least 28 private contractors have been killed in Syria this year, and Russian consular documents seen by Reuters suggest the figure may be much higher. The government denies recruiting and sending private military contractors to fight abroad.

Ghana needs tougher action on mercenaries and private security to safeguard stability, UN group finds  
CNBC Africa |  21 December 2017
> A UN expert group on mercenaries has urged Ghana to introduce tougher measures to regulate the private security industry, warning that the spread of vigilante groups and armed individuals threatens the country’s peace and stability.

PGI ambulance scam: Chandigarh court declares gang kingpin as proclaimed offender  
Hindustan Times |  18 December 2017
> Following a set modus operandi, gang members used to park their illegal ambulances near the emergency ward, ATC and the mortuary. Lower staff involving private security guards, mortuary and sweepers appointed inside these three departments tipped off the drivers about arrival of critical patients and departure of bodies. The parking of vehicles, including private and government, nearby and outside the emergency and ATC is not allowed but the gang members were enjoying the facility at the behest of the employees of the private contractors.

UN warns Ghana of threat as private security personnel outnumbers police officers  
Ghana Business News |  18 December 2017
> The United Nations Working Group on the Use of Mercenaries has warned Ghana of the potential security threat that the very high number of private security personnel in comparison to the number of police personnel poses to the country.

Saralweb launches ERP solution for security services industry  
The Times of India |  17 December 2017
> IT firm Saralweb today launched a cloud-based mobile ERP solution designed for the security services industry. Besides, Saralweb will also help businesses comply with the Private Security Agencies Regulation Act - 2005 (PSARA) in an automated manner, he added. The solution has been developed with extensive industry and government agency involvement, followed by testing and validation against feedback at multiple stages, he said.

Private security agencies seek PM Modi's intervention to ensure sector's growth  
The Economic Times |  14 December 2017
> The Central Association of Private Security Industry (CAPSI) has sought the intervention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in resolving various long- standing issues that have been "hurting" the growth of the sector. In a memorandum, CAPSI chairperson Kunwar Vikram Singh said the sector currently employs 70 lakh people in 22,000 private security agencies.

Chinese Security Guards Beat South Korean Journalists at Beijing Trade Fair  
Newsweek |  14 December 2017
> It remains unclear whether the guards were police officers or hired from a private security company. One presidential official told Yonhap that, while the guards may have been hired by the South Korean event organizers.

MPCHS violating rules set by interior ministry for private security guards  
Pakistan Today |  14 December 2017
> The security guards of Multi-Professionals Cooperating Housing Society (MPCHS) Islamabad are violating rules set by Interior Ministry regarding the uniform pattern of employees of private security companies by wearing a police-like uniform while during performing duties. The security guards of MPCHS wear a green colour uniform which has a high resemblance to the police uniform.

Inside the secret world of the corporate spies who infiltrate protests  
The Guardian |  12 December 2017
> Kendall, a 23-year-old Oxford University graduate, joined the protesters as their march snaked through the streets of the capital. What the protesters did not know at that time was that Kendall was a corporate infiltrator working for a private security firm called C2i International.

Thousands of Russian private contractors fighting in Syria  
ABC News |  12 December 2017
> The St. Petersburg-based website Fontanka reported that about 3,000 Russians under contract to the Wagner group have fought in Syria since 2015, months before Russia's two-year military campaign helped to turn the tide of the civil war in favor of Syrian President Bashar Assad, a longtime Moscow ally.

Russia's Private Army in Syria to Stay in Business, Despite Putin Announcing Troop Withdrawal  
Haaretz |  12 December 2017
> When Putin went to a Russian air base in Syria on Monday and told Russian troops that you are coming back home with victory,' he did not mention the private contractors, which are illegal under Russian law.

Putin, in Syria, says mission accomplished, orders partial Russian pull-out  
Reuters |  11 December 2017
> The use of private military contractors, something which has been documented by Reuters but denied by the defense ministry, has allowed Moscow to keep the public casualty toll fairly low. Officially, less than 50 Russian service personnel have been killed in the campaign, but the real number, including private contractors, is estimated to be much higher.

Uganda: More Details Emerge About Shooting of Gulu Police Commander  
AllAfrica |  09 December 2017
> On November 29, the acting Gulu District Police Commander, Mr Joseph Ayiki, was shot and injured by a private security guard attached to Exposs Security Co Ltd at TAKS centre in Gulu Municipality.

Men who keep high seas safe fail to secure their livelihoods  
The Times of India |  08 December 2017
> K V Prakasan, Unnikrishnan Pillai, S Sudheer and Harjeet Singh, all ex-servicemen in their 40s, opted for jobs as security guards on board M V Seaman Guard Ohio. Unnikrishnan had worked for barely 19 days and Prakasan had completed just two months on Seaman Guard Ohio when the Sierra-Leonne flagged floating armoury chartered by AdvanFort, a private security firm based in Washington, DC transgressed into Indian territorial waters on October 2013 and they were arrested.

UN expert group on the use of mercenaries to visit Ghana  
CNBC Africa |  07 December 2017
> The Working Group delegation comprising of Mr. Anton Katz and Ms. Patricia Arias, will assess the regulation of private security companies in the country and the measures in place to address the challenges posed by mercenarism and mercenary related activities, including foreign fighters and their impact on human rights.

Traffic tips for security personnel at SCB hospital  
The Times of India |  07 December 2017
> In order to improve traffic situation inside the hospital premises, the commissionerate police has decided to provide training to 300 private security guards who have been engaged by SCB authorities.

Kenya: Security Lessons From the KCB Heist  
AllAfrica |  07 December 2017
> Having a well-trained and motivated security guard from a reputable private security company is the first and the most important human intervention in foiling any burglary. Mr Brian Abungana, a security expert and the head of the Fire Department at Radar Security, says. And besides being physically fit, your security guard should have at least three months' training in, among other areas, communication, surveillance and detection; alarm activation; suspicious character, personnel and vehicle detection; fire safety and first aid; and search techniques and patrol.

Putin Wants to Win, But Not at All Costs  
Bloomberg |  06 December 2017
> This week, the daily newspaper Vedomosti discovered the casualties figures on the Russian government procurement website. In October, Sogaz, an insurance company owned by a group of investors close to Putin, won the tender to insure Russian military personnel against death and injury. Everyone in active service -- conscripts, professional contract soldiers, officers -- is insured. In 2016, that meant 1,191,095 people.

South Africa: Bail Denied for Cape Town Security Company Director in Underworld Gun Case  
AllAfrica |  06 December 2017
> A security company director, at the centre of a case involving an unlicensed firearm which is allegedly linked to underworld activities, has been denied bail due to a pending criminal case.

"Itemname" in Sudan. Why Putin climbed into a deep Africa  
The Quebec Telegram |  05 December 2017
> Russia sent to the Sudan mercenaries from various PMCs that have previously “lit up” in the Donbass, in Syria. This information appeared in the article “Russian service BBC”. While citing anonymous of these mercenaries and, in fact, the head of one of the companies, the “RSB Group” Oleg krinitsyna. “I heard that people went there and came back with a severe form of malaria. We have interests there, but we were not fighting or involved. There smoldering border conflict”, — said Krinitsin, assuring that his subordinates in the African country did not go.

Challenges of private security companies — Olaniran, Kings Guards’ boss  
Vanguard |  02 December 2017
> Sam Olaniran is the Managing Director, CEO, Kings Guards Nigeria Limited, a well-known private industrial security firm in Nigeria that has Chief Dele Fajemirokun as chairman. With strong presence in all the 36 states of the country including Abuja, the top security firm which specialises in special investigation, personal protection, maritime security services, escort services, security equipment sales, training consultancy among others celebrated its 25th anniversary recently.

Maharashtra Police To Charge Rs 1 Lakh Per Month To Provide Private Security To People  
India Times |  01 December 2017
> Private citizens facing threats to their life would have to cough up around Rs 1 lakh per month for police protection, according to a new policy unveiled by the Maharashtra government and approved by the Bombay high court.

FBI, DHS Warn of Hacker Mercenaries Funded by Nation-States  
Defense One |  01 December 2017
> Increasingly, however, such hybrid government-criminal breaches are becoming a reality, Wray told lawmakers. “You have the blend of a nation-state actor, in that case, the Russian intelligence service, using the assistance of criminal hackers, which you think of almost like mercenaries, being used to commit cyberattacks,” the FBI director said.

Army veterans guarding Delhi hospitals in jeopardy as govt tries to rope in private security  
The Indian Express |  01 December 2017
> About 2,000 Army veterans employed as security guards in Delhi government-run hospitals face an uncertain future with a proposal to replace them with men from private firms. The Delhi government has floated a tender to rope in private security contractors to guard the hospitals, creating a sense of insecurity for the men who stand to lose their jobs.

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