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An expert from ArmorGroup (left) trains local members of the Nepal and Maoist Armies on the safe removal of unexploded devices.
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Yemenis kill, injure 40 militants after Saudi carnage in Hudaydah 
Press TV |  23 September 2016
> Yemeni forces have killed or injured at least 40 Saudi mercenaries in the country’s southwest in their first retaliation against Saudi air raids that left dozens of civilians dead in Hudaydah Province. Yemeni army, backed by fighters from Popular Committees, launched rockets at the positions of Saudi mercenaries in the city Ta’izz on Thursday, Yemen’s al-Masirah television reported.

Cameroon Clamps Down on Private Security Firms 
Voice of America |  16 September 2016
> Cameroon’s government says it is clamping down on unlicensed private security firms in an effort to improve public safety and enforce regulations. It plans to close all but nine of the country’s nearly 50 private companies. The sector's numbers have risen sharply in the two years since the militant group Boko Haram began carrying out attacks in the country’s northern region. Cameroon has an estimated 70,000 private security guards, compared with about 15,000 armed policemen.

Lockheed, Boeing to Gain from $38B U.S.-Israel Defense Deal 
Nasdaq |  16 September 2016
> Following months of behind-the-curtains discussion, the U.S. has finally signed a landmark agreement with Israel, under which the later will receive military aid worth $38 billion in total over a period of 10 years. This deal represents the largest ever military aid pledged by the U.S. to any foreign nation.

Why is the Navy’s largest shipbuilder looking for a subcontractor in China? 
Washington Post |  15 September 2016
> Senior executives from a major U.S. defense contractor toured China last month as part of their search for a foreign company to build a dry dock for U.S. Navy ships, with the help of the chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee. The trip raised eyebrows both inside the Pentagon and among experts who don’t believe a Chinese company should be involved in U.S. military-related projects.

Contractors Must Face Negligence Claim in Navy Yard Shooting, Judge Rules 
National Law Journal |  15 September 2016
> The families of victims killed in a 2013 mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard can press a negligence claim against government contractors who employed the shooter, a D.C. federal judge ruled on Thursday.

Watchdog: United States Made Corruption in Afghanistan ‘Pervasive and Entrenched’ 
Foreign Policy |  14 September 2016
> Afghanistan has long been a corrupt place. The United States has nothing to make it better. In fact, it’s made it worse, according to new findings released Wednesday by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction.

Foreign mercenaries are joining Haftar attack on oil ports, UN-proposed Presidency Council confirms 
The Libya Observer |  11 September 2016
> The UN-proposed Presidency Council has condemned the attack of rogue General Khalifa Haftar's militias on the oil ports in east Libya, confirming that foreign mercenaries are taking part in the attack alongside Haftar's militias.

5 Corporations Now Dominate Our Privatized Intelligence Industry 
The Nation |  8 September 2016
> The recent integration of two military contractors into a $10 billion behemoth is the latest in a wave of mergers and acquisitions that have transformed America’s privatized, high-tech intelligence system into what looks like an old-fashioned monopoly. In August, Leidos Holdings, a major contractor for the Pentagon and the National Security Agency, completed a long-planned merger with the Information Systems & Global Solutions division of Lockheed Martin, the global military giant.

Mexico drug war fuels private security boom 
Al Jazeera |  6 September 2016
> Business has been booming since Felipe Calderon, who was president at that time, declared war on organised crime in December 2006, yet insiders and security experts warn that the industry is rife with corruption and that its rapid growth risks exacerbating security inequality by encouraging authorities to neglect public security.

Air Force, Running Low on Drone Pilots, Turns to Contractors in Terror Fight  
New York Times |  5 September 2016
> The American military’s extensive use of drones against the Islamic State and other terrorist groups has resulted in a shortage of Air Force pilots and other personnel to operate the aircraft, leading the Pentagon to rely more on private contractors for reconnaissance missions in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Saudi mercenaries kill 16 members of Yemeni Shiite imam's family 
ABNA |  1 September 2016
> A Saudi airstrike has destroyed a major house in the northern Yemen city of Saada, killing its owner, Shi’ite imam Saleh Abu Zainah, and 15 other civilians, all members of his extended family. The imam, his family, his two sons and their families all died in the attack. At least four of the slain were children.

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