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An expert from ArmorGroup (left) trains local members of the Nepal and Maoist Armies on the safe removal of unexploded devices.
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Securing Columbia: Private security firms find opportunity in area’s growing population 
Columbia Daily Tribune |  28 October 2016
> Throughout the last several years, as Columbia’s population has grown steadily to near 120,000, more and more people working in private security are popping up around the city. More property managers are seeing a need for private security that, while the officers do not have police powers, can act as a deterrent or a first responder for low-level infractions that might not require a police response.

Security Services in Kenya: Peter Bach Presents Diplomatic Protective Services (DPS) 
Macropolis |  27 October 2016
> Interview: Peter Bach, Group Managing Director at Diplomatic Protective Services (DPS). Diplomatic Protective Services (DPS) is a fully private owned company established in 2011 as a subsidiary of DPS Group International. The company is specialized in providing security services across the entire security spectrum.

Myanmar's Union Solidarity and Development Party MP urges increase in private security sector training 
Myanmar Times |  27 October 2016
> The proposal, submitted by MP U Tin Win (USDP; Cocokyun), the former regional minister for security and border affairs, asked the government to enact a private security law which would mandate the training of security staff in the city.

Rise of the American Mercenary 
The American Conservative |  25 October 2016
> Not unlike the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq—where private military contractors fed, trained, equipped, and protected U.S. military forces “on the ground” in unprecedented numbers—an escalation of hired security forces in a hot spot like Syria would likely boost the presence of U.S. “boots” without causing the political heartburn of putting more actual soldiers and Marines in harm’s way.

U.S. Appeals Court reinstates Abu Ghraib prison abuse case against CACI 
The Washington Post |  21 October 2016
> A federal court of appels on Friday reinstated a case brought by four Iraqis who allege they were tortured by employees of CACI while they were held at the infamous Abu Ghraib prison during the Iraq War.

Abu Ghraib Torture Case Against Mercenary Company Reopened 
TeleSUR |  21 October 2016
> A lawsuit into the private military contractor, CACI Premier Technology, Inc., for their role in the torture at Iraq’s infamous Abu Ghraib, was reinstated Friday, with the court rejecting arguments from the contractors that its behavior could not be judged by the court.

What Is Russia Doing In Syria? Alleged Secret Troops In Aleppo Would Benefit From Proposed Mercenary Soldier Law 
International Business Times |  19 October 2016
> Russia is taking steps to recognize Russian mercenary forces fighting in Syria and Ukraine. The Russian government is considering a new law on short-team military service in specific wars, the Moscow Times reported Monday.

Russia Mulls Military Contracts for Mercenaries 
Moscow Times |  17 October 2016
> The Russian military may begin recruiting soldiers for short, special, one-off military tasks around the globe.

Donbass Militia Spots Mercs From US, Canada, Baltics, Poland in East Ukraine 
Sputnik International |  16 October 2016
> Reconnaissance units from the self-proclaimed Lugansk People's Republic have spotted the arrival of hundreds of foreign mercenaries on the contact line in eastern Ukraine, says LPR People's Militia Chief of Staff Oleg Anaschenko. The fighters are believed to come from countries including the US, Canada, the Baltic states and Poland.

Russia recruits 600 Donbas mercenaries for Syria - Ukraine official 
Ukraine Today |  14 October 2016
> Russia has allegedly recruited approximately 600 people in separatist-held territories of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, who agreed to fight in Syria alongside Moscow's forces.

Japan defense contractors get to grips with foreign military buyers 
Reuters |  14 October 2016
> With the nation stepping back from decades of state pacifism amid concern over China's growing power and a deepening North Korean threat, Japanese defense companies are finally shedding their reluctance to sell arms abroad.

Fifteen foreign mercenaries killed in People’s Republic of Donetsk 
Pravda.Ru |  13 October 2016
> Fifteen foreign mercenaries were killed in the People's Republic of Donetsk in an attempt to break through the positions of the militia in the area of the villages of Kominternovo and Lenininskoye.

The growing threat of cyber mercenaries 
The Agenda |  12 October 2016
> Identifying the adversaries behind a cyberattack is often the toughest part of cybersecurity. Not only are hackers skilled at covering their tracks, but they can plant evidence that implicates an innocent party. This inability to identify an attacker makes it almost impossible to stop them, or more importantly, prevent such attacks. Nation-states are increasingly exploiting this challenge by conducting cyber operations through third-party groups—so-called cyber mercenaries

Defense Department increases scrutiny of contractors’ supply chain 
Bloomberg Government |  10 October 2016
> The Defense Department has offered some clarification on how it plans to deal with suppliers that pose potential security risks.The department issued a final rule amending the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement and clarifying the scope of the government’s ability to evaluate and exclude contractors that represent “supply chain risks” in solicitations and contracts — specifically those that involve the development or delivery of information technology products and services in national security systems.

At Booz Allen, a Vast U.S. Spy Operation, Run for Private Profit 
New York Times |  6 October 2016
> Booz Allen, a consulting firm that earns billions of dollars by working for American intelligence agencies, has been called the world’s most profitable spy organization. News this week of Mr. Martin’s arrest in August could renew scrutiny of the firm’s operations and, more broadly, the lucrative contracting business that American intelligence now relies on to run its vast, global surveillance operations.

Private Security Agencies go online 
Daily News & Analysis (DNA) |  5 October 2016
> The Indian State Information Commission (SIC) in a landmark order has asked all details of private security agencies with licenses and their enquiry reports be put online. The online disclosure will include the name of the security agency, duration of their license, names of the guards and enquiry reports.

Private security businesses boom in Mexico’s drug war 
CCTV America |  4 October 2016
> As the drug war rages on, Mexico’s wealthy are increasingly turning to private security companies to protect them. There has been a significant increase in registrations for private security companies since 2005.

Ministry to have e-link with private security firms: Ministry creating criteria for classification of 47 security firms 
Daily News & Analysis (DNA) |  4 October 2016
> UAE's Ministry of Interior will launch a new integrated electronic system to link the ministry, private security firms in the UAE and the National Security Institute under the ministry. The department at the ministry that regulates the private security firms in the country is implementing the project that will streamline training of private security personnel, licensing, and communication between the department and firms, a senior official said in a statement.

Mercenaries: Guns for Hire 
BBC |  1 October 2016
> Video: The use of mercenaries in warfare has a very long history, and still very much in evidence today. African governments seeking to push back rebel insurgents often employ mercenaries to carry out the task. From Yemen to Syria, mercenaries are directly involved in combat roles. And defence and training work once carried out by national armies is now often done by private military contractors.

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