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An expert from ArmorGroup (left) trains local members of the Nepal and Maoist Armies on the safe removal of unexploded devices.
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Silver linings 
Economist |  25 June 2016
> Refugees arriving on Aegean islands are whisked to “hotspots”—registration centres run by the European Asylum Support Office. It is often a traumatic moment. Those who fear being sent back to Turkey can turn angry or violent. “We have had a number of riots, staff have had to be evacuated quickly,” says an EASO spokesman, Jean-Pierre Schembri. So, for the first time, a private-security firm, G4S, has been contracted to guard the hotspots, backing up the Greek police. “We felt we needed additional security,” Mr Schembri adds.

Saudi warplanes mistakenly bomb allied forces in northern Yemen 
Press TV |  24 June 2016
> Saudi military aircraft have reportedly targeted Riyadh-sponsored militiamen loyal to resigned Yemeni President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi in Yemen’s northern province of al-Jawf, killing and injuring scores of the mercenaries.

The U.N.’s mercenary problem 
Foreign Policy |  23 June 2016
> Last fall, a former mercenary with the South African firm Executive Outcomes published a comic book account of his involvement in the civil war in Sierra Leone. The war was one of the first times in that era that a private military company had had such an expansive role in a civil war. Their involvement and the interventions that followed had a major influence on the way the United Nations looked at peacekeeping.

166 private security companies operating 'illegally' in country 
Daily Times |  21 June 2016
> As many as 166 private security companies (PSCs) in the country are not registered by the government, Daily Times has learnt. According to official sources, these companies are receiving money in terms of thousands of security guards salaries. Sources said that these companies do not have membership of All Pakistan Security Agencies Association (APSAA).

Yemeni missile kills 31 Saudi mercenaries in Jawf: Report 
Press TV |  19 June 2016
> On Saturday, Yemeni forces launched a ballistic missile at the Army’s 115th Division base in the provincial capital city of al-Hazm, where pro-Riyadh armed men had converged, Yemeni al-Masirah television network reported. The strike claimed the lives of at least 31 Saudi mercenaries and left 24 others injured.

Iran steps up recruitment of Shiite mercenaries for Syrian war 
Christain Science Monitor |  12 June 2016
> The man wanted to leave Afghanistan for personal reasons, but the Afghans and Iranians who facilitated his trip to Iran, and hosted him in Tehran, saw a recruiting opportunity. For two and a half months, an Iranian recruiter visited nearly every day to convince him to fight on the Syrian frontline with an all-Afghan unit in exchange for promises of a better life.

DR Congo: U.S. Ex-Soldier Accused of Being Mercenary Released 
Newsweek |  9 June 2016
> A U.S. citizen providing security for the main opposition presidential candidate in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has been released and will return to the United States. Darryl Lewis was arrested on April 24 along with three other people working for Moise Katumbi, who plans to run for the presidency in DRC in elections scheduled for November. Current President Joseph Kabila is due to step down at the end of his second term in December.

Military Contractor Formerly Known As Blackwater May Be for Sale for up to $1 Billion 
Fortune |  6 June 2016
> Constellis Holdings, the owner of the U.S. military security services business formerly known as Blackwater, is exploring a sale it hopes will value the company at as much as $1 billion, including debt, according to people familiar with the matter. The sale process will test, both financially and reputationally, the extent to which potential private equity investors view Constellis as an attractive business after four former Blackwater security guards received long prison sentences last year for the fatal shooting of 14 civilians in Iraq in 2007.

Dozens of mercenaries killed, injured in Baidha 
Yemen News Agency |  5 June 2016
> At least 23 hirelings and al-Qaeda militants, including field leaders, were killed and dozens were injured during repulsing their advance on al-Manaseh area of Baidha province, a military official said Sunday. The official pointed out that the Saudi-led coalition and its hirelings continued to breach the UN-announced ceasefire during the past 24 hours in several provinces.

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