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An expert from ArmorGroup (left) trains local members of the Nepal and Maoist Armies on the safe removal of unexploded devices.
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Hearts, Minds and Body Counts: The Politics of El Salvador's Security Crisis  
Truth Out |  30 November 2015
Estela Ramírez knows firsthand the debilitating effect that insecurity has on individuals and communities. As longtime union activists in the precarious garment industry, she and her fellow organizers are increasingly fearful to navigate the working-class neighborhoods that host both garment factories and their employees - neighborhoods with steadily rising murder rates. They are also increasingly concerned about braving the bus routes that take workers to union meetings and activities.

OU Law explores human rights abuses by private security contractors  
Tulsa Business & Legal News |  25 November 2015
The University of Oklahoma College of Law hosted the annual Oklahoma Law Review Symposium on Nov. 13. This year’s theme was “Accountability for Human Rights Abuses Abroad by Private Security Contractors." The event consisted of three panels featuring expert speakers with specialized interests involving human rights.

Emirates Secretly Sends Colombian Mercenaries to Fight in Yemen 
The New York Times |  25 November 2015
The United Arab Emirates has secretly dispatched hundreds of Colombian mercenaries to Yemen to fight in that country’s raging conflict, adding a volatile new element in a complex proxy war that has drawn in the United States and Iran. It is the first combat deployment for a foreign army that the Emirates has quietly built in the desert over the past five years, according to several people currently or formerly involved with the project. 

Navy signs MOUs with 29 private maritime security companies 
Business Day |  23 November 2015
The Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Ibok-Ete Ibas said the Nigerian Navy has signed Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs) with 29 Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSC) to bridge security gap. Ibas stated this in a paper presented at the 2015 Annual Lecture, Investiture and Award ceremony of the Certified Institute of Shipping (CIS). 

Private security contractors will join military in protecting federal workers on Syrian refugee mission 
National Post |  21 November 2015
> Private security contractors will join Canadian troops in providing protection for the government-wide operation that brings Syrian refugees to Canada, according to a draft of the plan. The plan to bring 25,000 refugees to Canada by Dec. 31 will involve federal staff from several departments, with an unknown number working overseas. The refugees are expected to be collected from centres in Beirut, Lebanon and Amman, Jordan. 

Paris Attacks Spur New Interest in Security  
Wall Street Journal |  20 November 2015
> In the week since the terror attacks in the French capital, German entrepreneur Kai Dittmar says he has seen a surge in demand for his new product: a modular wall that can repel rounds from a Kalashnikov rifle. “There’s been a lot of new interest, unfortunately,” said Mr. Dittmar as he showed off his product, intended for hotels and offices, at a security exposition outside Paris this week. “But it really addresses the security situation we’re facing.” 

Syria's Other Foreign Fighters: Iran's Afghan and Pakistani Mercenaries 
The National Interest |  20 November 2015
While much has been said about the dangers of Sunni foreign fighters returning home, the return home of the far more numerous Afghan and Pakistani Shia foreign fighters has received noticeably less attention. A major reason for the disparity is that most accounts of the Afghan and Pakistani troops fighting under the Hezbollah flag in Syria mistakenly tend to minimize their ideological motivations. 

UN Working Group on mercenaries hosts panel discussions on Private Military Security Companies (PMSCs): Regulations & National Experience 
Business & Human Rights Resource Centre |  19 November 2015
The United Nations Working Group on the use of mercenaries as a means of violating human rights and impeding the exercise of the rights of peoples to self-determination invites you to an expert panel on the issue of private military and security companies on 1 December 2015 from 10:00 to 13:00 in Room IX, Palais des Nations, Geneva.  

Foreign Fighters, Mercenaries, and Private Military Companies Under International Law 
Just Security |  18 November 2015
Over the last week, I’ve been examining some of the key questions left open by the International Committee for the Red Cross’s newly released Report on International Humanitarian Law and the Challenges of Contemporary Conflicts here at Just Security. Today, I’m going to continue my exploration, with a focus on the report’s discussion of international humanitarian law (IHL) and foreign fighters, mercenaries, and private military and security companies. 

The Foreign Troops Fighting on Eastern Ukraine’s Frontlines 
The Diplomatic Courier |  16 November 2015
On the frontline of the war in Ukraine are a group of European volunteers fighting under the aegis of the Azov Regiment, a far-Right, pro-Ukrainian paramilitary group now integrated into Ukraine’s Interior Ministry and National Guard. On the 26th of January, NATO dismissed Putin’s accusation that there is a “foreign legion” of Europeans fighting for the Organization in Ukraine, claiming instead “the foreign forces in Ukraine are Russian.” 

Sri Lanka Bans Private Floating Armouries  
The New Indian Express |  16 November 2015
Sri Lanka has banned private floating armouries, but Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSCs) will be allowed to function, Lankan Naval spokesman Captain Akram Alavi told Express here on Sunday. The PMSCs have lost the right to operate floating armouries following a major scandal over the functioning of the Lanka-based PMSC, Avant Garde Maritime Security Services Ltd (AGMSL). 

Ethiopia: The Future of Private Security Discussed At a Regional Conference 
Addis Standard |  12 November 2015
A regi Dina Esposito, Director of USAID's Office of Food for Peace onal conference seeking to facilitate dialogue among states on Private Military and Security Companies (PMSCs) was held on the 11th and 12th November 2015 at the Sheraton Addis Hotel. The conference was co-hosted by the Swiss Government, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the Institute for Peace and Security Studies at the Addis Ababa University (IPSS), and the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF), sought to identify good practices and cooperation at the national, regional, and international levels on issues related to the regulation and oversight of PMSCs.

Security Council Renews Measures to Combat Piracy, Armed Robbery off Somali Coast, Unanimously Adopting Resolution 2446 (2015)  
United Nations Meetings Coverage and Press Releases |  10 November 2015
The Security Council this morning renewed the measures granted to States and regional organizations cooperating with authorities in Somalia in the fight against piracy and armed robbery at sea off the coast of that country for a further period of 12 months. Unanimously adopting resolution 2446 (2015) and acting under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, the Council noted improvements in Somalia, but recognized that piracy exacerbated instability in Somalia by introducing large amounts of illicit cash that had fuelled additional crime and corruption.

In Many States, Security Guards Get Scant Training, Oversight 
Stateline |  10 November 2015
> At an Iowa mall, a security guard allegedly shot and killed a woman who worked at a children’s museum there. At a Kentucky distillery, a security guard accepted money from thieves to look the other way while they stole more than $100,000 in expensive whiskey. And in a Virginia hospital, a 64-year-old man suffered a serious head injury and later died after a violent altercation with a security guard. 

Gunman in Jordan kills 5, including 2 Americans, at police training site 
Washington Post |  9 November 2015
> A Jordanian police officer opened fire Monday at a U.S.-backed training center, killing at least five people including two American government contractors, officials said. The gunman also was killed. The shootings appeared to mark a return of terrorism-linked bloodshed as Jordan commemorated the 10th anniversary of deadly hotel bombings in Amman, the capital. Jordan’s minister of information, Mohammed Momani, said a South African and two Jordanian employees were among the dead.

Lankan Law and Order Minister Resigns Over Floating Armory Case 
The New Indian Express |  9 November 2015
> The Sri Lankan Law and Order Minister, Tilak Marapana, resigned on Monday, after some influential fellow ministers vehemently opposed his decision not to pursue a high profile case against Avant Garde Maritime Services Ltd., (AGMSL), a controversial company which maintains a floating armory and supplies weapons and Sea Marshals to vessels plying in pirate infested areas of the Indian Ocean.  

BIMCO grants associate membership to MAST 
BIMCO |  6 November 2015
> The Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO) has granted associate membership to maritime security provider MAST, recognising its commitment to internationally agreed regulatory instruments. According to the company, the membership follows its recent adoption of the International Code of Conduct Association standards (ICoCA), complying with the fundamental human rights and humanitarian law principles.

The militarisation of suburban space 
eNCA |  5 November 2015
> The men in military camouflage-patterned pants armed with assault rifles like those we have become accustomed to seeing in shopping centres when large amounts of cash are taken from or placed inside automated teller machines, are standing on a suburban street on a Friday morning in late Spring. They are replacing men who used to guard the desk, armed only with a two-way radio, and the modern equivalent of a cudgel, and maybe pepper spray.

Yemeni forces captured dozens of mercenary soldiers mostly Africans 
ABNA |  5 November 2015
> Dozens of foreign mercenaries from Saudi-led coalition troops were captured by the army and Yemen Popular Committees in Taiz, the third largest city in Yemen. These foreigners, who are mostly from Somalia and Ethiopia, came to Saudi Arabia to fight in exchange for money, al-Masirah TV network reported.

PVI: Weekly Maritime & Onshore Security Report 
Hellenic Shipping News |  4 November 2015
> There has undoubtedly been a significant decline in reported piracy incidents throughout 2015, however as a number of reports over recent weeks have indicated, the conditions and drivers for piracy in Somalia remain present. Illegal fishing and poverty in Somalia will continue to encourage criminal and piracy activity. The threat is partially mitigated by the ongoing presence of naval forces and private maritime security companies deployed in the region.

Private Security Firms Fill a Void in Haiti 
War is Boring |  3 November 2015
> Haiti’s population is big — more than 10 million people — and growing fast. There are not enough cops to police everyone, and that makes private security companies an unavoidable necessity. “To be honest with you, gangs have better weapons than us, they have very heavy artillery out there,” Marc Stelien of Ange Gardien Security told War Is Boring. “And this is one of the main reasons why — how do we put it — it’s a very red area.”

Maltese firm denies private armoury in Maldives 
Times of Malta |  3 November 2015
> A Maltese company is reportedly in negotiations to set up a controversial “private armoury” with a 200-strong contingent in the Maldives, to provide security for ships travelling in the Indian Ocean. According to several reports in the Maldives press, maritime and aviation logistics firm Marshall Consultants Group plans to set up the armoury and operate armed maritime vessels from the remote northern island of Uligamu, under the supervision of the Maldives army.

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