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An expert from ArmorGroup (left) trains local members of the Nepal and Maoist Armies on the safe removal of unexploded devices.
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ESC Global Security receives German PMSC accreditation 
Hellenic Shipping News |  18 June 2015
> Germany’s Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA) has approved the use of ESC Global Security (ESCGS) personnel aboard German flagged vessels under Section 31 of its stringent Trade Regulation Code.

Should We Pay Mercenaries To Defeat ISIS? 
Newsweek |  17 June 2015
> In the aftermath of 9/11, the U.S. government urged counterterrorism experts to think “outside of the box.” What we got instead of innovative thinking was a rather conventional response to the 9/11 atrocities: invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, followed by thousands of dead American soldiers and trillions of dollars in military spending and foreign aid.

Canada Is Helping a Private Arms Company Sell Light Armored Vehicles in the Middle East 
Vice News |  16 June 2015
> Canada isn't just sanctioning weapons and equipment sales to the Middle East, it's now flying them over for private arms manufacturers to sell. VICE News has obtained new documents under the Access to Information Act showing that the Canadian government is working to facilitate a potentially massive contract between private military manufacturer General Dynamics Land Systems Canada (GDLSC) and the Government of Kuwait.

Hired Guns 
Foreign Affairs |  16 June 2015
> In 2008, the actress and activist Mia Farrow approached the private security company Blackwater and some human rights organizations with a proposition: Might it be possible to hire private military contractors to end the genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan? Sean McFate, who had just finished working as a military contractor at DynCorp International, was asked to weigh in.

Ghana government allows private security on vessels 
Ghana Web |  15 June 2015
> The Ghanaian government has granted a British private security company (PSC) the licence to have armed guards on board vessels. From the end of June 2015, Watchwood Resources Ltd (WRL) will be able to accompany armed Ghana Marine Police aboard commercial vessels within Ghana's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and provide security services.

Ukrainian volunteer Right Sector group captures Russian fighter in Shyrokyne 
Ukraine Today |  15 June 2015
> Troops belonging the Rights Sector group near Mariupol in southeastern Ukraine have released a video clip of a 33-year old Russian they claim to have arrested over the weeked in Shyrokyne outside of the port city. The man - named Roman Tolstokorov - hails from the Stravropol region of Russia and is heavily tattooed. Tolstokorov said he was being paid 15,000 roubles a month to fight against Ukrainians.

Simon Mann: 'We can use mercenaries to defeat Isil' 
The Telegraph |  14 June 2015
> It is late morning in a cafe in London’s Sloane Square, and over coffee and croissants, the ex-mercenary Simon Mann is sketching out a plot to topple the Islamic State. Perhaps not suprisingly for someone who spent five years in jail for his role in the botched “Wonga Coup”, he makes it clear that he has no immediate plans to do so. But if someone did ring up for his help - just as they did in Equatorial Guinea, and before that in Angola and Sierra Leone - here is how he’d go about it.

(Video) PAE Fights Ebola in Liberia 
PAE |  12 June 2015
> Under contract to USAID Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance, PAE rapidly mobilized more than 1,600 personnel to provide operations, logistics, and medical support for nine Ebola Treatment Units and one Field Hospital throughout Liberia. Video features Bill Gates, Nancy Lindborg of the U.S. Institute of Peace, U.S. Senator Chris Coons, Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, African Center for Strategic Studies, Partners in Health, PAE field staff and CEO.

Military security contractors get PTSD, too: Column 
USA Today |  11 June 2015
> In September 2007, a convoy of armored vehicles carrying private security contractors employed by the firm then known as Blackwater USA approached a large traffic circle in Baghdad. Minutes later, 17 Iraqi civilians in that square were dead, and 24 others had been wounded. The sentencing this month of four Blackwater guards in the attack — which included the slaying of a 9-year-old Iraqi boy and a young mother — has focused new attention on what can happen when armed contractors encounter civilian populations amid the haze of conflict.

(Video, Spanish Translation) Working Group on the use of mercenaries - Panel Event: Use of private military and security companies by the United Nations 
The UN WG on the use of mercenaries

Guards, not guides 
The Economist |  11 June 2015
>More Kenyans now work in private security than in tourism. A watchman stands on an abandoned lawn by a white-sand beach. A sign says “Activity Centre”, but no one is having fun. “We used to play a lot of sports and games,” says the guard. Now the only man left is watching out for intruders.

(Video) Seafarers continue to be threatened by maritime piracy 
OBP |  10 June 2015
>Oceans Beyond Piracy (OBP) project officer, Matt Walje, gives a brief overview of the human cost of attacks in the South East Asia, the Gulf of Guinea, and off the Western Indian Ocean. The findings are from the fifth annual State of Piracy, a report released by OBP that details the economic costs of maritime attacks around the world.

Oceans Beyond Piracy (OBP) Report notes continued threats to seafarers from maritime piracy, not least in South East Asia (Press Release) 
OBP |  8 June 2015
>In its fifth State of Maritime Piracy Report, Oceans Beyond Piracy (OBP) analyzes the impacts of this crime during 2014 in the Western Indian Ocean, the Gulf of Guinea and, for the first time, in Southeast Asia.

Navy vet defends shuttered military contract school 
WFAA |  10 June 2015
> A North Texas man is facing heavy scrutiny after graduates of a training school he established to help veterans get private defense work say they never received any jobs. Kolton Krottinger, 25, established the Condottieri School a couple of years ago after serving in the Navy, and being deployed to help with piracy issues on the African coast.

Report: Private Contracted Security Services Demand To Rise In US 
Source Security |  8 June 2015
> US demand for private contracted security services is projected to expand 4.2 percent per year through 2019 to $66.9 billion. Gains will be supported by the real and perceived risk of crime and by accelerating economic activity, particularly as new businesses form and create new users of security services.

South Africa's ageing white mercenaries who helped turn tide on Boko Haram 
Graphic Online |  5 June 2015
> Leon Lotz was once a member of the Koevoet – “crowbar” in Afrikaans – a paramilitary police unit created by South Africa’s apartheid regime to root out guerrillas in what is now Namibia. Thirty years later, something persuaded him to take up arms again in a foreign country. He was killed in March, apparently by friendly fire from a tank in northern Nigeria. Among the most striking facts about Lotz was his age: 59.

Guidance on Deprivation of Liberty Released 
The Maritime Executive |  4 June 2015
> How have tighter government regulations and corporate demands affected the private military and security companies (PMSCs) operating in Iraq? Jason Ireland and Caroline Varin believe that the modus operandi of these companies has changed from “proactive to reactive” – i.e., they have become less effective.

PMSCs and the Regulatory Environment in Iraq Post-2011 
ISN |  4 June 2015
> Human Rights at Sea has published a new international and independent guidance for shipowners, crew and private maritime security guards titled: “Deprivation of Liberty at Sea.” The guidance, published jointly by Human Rights at Sea (HRAS) and the Network of Experts on the Legal Aspects of Maritime Safety and Security (MARSAFENET) and financed through the European Union COST Action IS1105, is the first independently drafted international document covering deprivation of liberty (DoL) by ship masters, crew and private maritime security personnel.

Nigeria: Private Military Contractors and the War On Boko Haram 
All Africa |  2 June 2015
> Nigerians are full of praises for the nation's army which has recorded a number of frontline victories against the insurgent group Boko Haram. The war, certainly, is far from over. Just as the soldiers have made some gains in the war against terror, it appears the insurgents are on the rebound, launching renewed attacks on towns and military formations in addition to suicide bombing attacks on clusters of innocent citizens in the north-east. Hence the need for better equipment, greater determination and improved strategy.

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