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An expert from ArmorGroup (left) trains local members of the Nepal and Maoist Armies on the safe removal of unexploded devices.
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The Future of Maritime Security 2015-2020 
Hellenic Shipping News |  28 August 2015
>The Security of Seafarers is a board level issue. CSO Alliance, working with BIMCO and Port2Port Maritime, has invited senior speakers to give an insight into the evolving threats facing crews during LISW15. Major General Martin Smith MBE, Operation Commander EUNAVFOR and Operation Atlanta will present some thoughts on the “Future of Maritime Security” on 9th September. With contributions from the Merchant Marine sector, Giles Noakes, Head of Security for BIMCO will offer insight to “Future Security Strategies for the Maritime Industry”. Mark Sutcliffe, Director CSO Alliance, will also discuss Security Tools and Training. A Crisis Management Workshop, delivered by Port2Port Maritime, will follow the session.

Second GA contractor killed in suicide bombing 
WXIA |  26 August 2015
>A second Georgia contractor was killed in a car bombing in Afghanistan. He's Richard McEvoy of Peachtree City. "He'll be missed around here. He really will be," said neighbor Dave Allison. Allison saw McEvoy's family leave by police escort on Tuesday morning. He feared something had happened to his neighbor overseas

Maine contractor killed in Afghanistan blast had ‘dreaded his last trip there,’ mother says 
Portland Press Herald |  23 August 2015
>A man from Maine was among three U.S. civilian contractors killed Saturday in Afghanistan by a car bomb that targeted their NATO convoy. The blast in Kabul destroyed several vehicles, including an armored pickup truck believed to have been used by the contractors. In all, at least 12 people were killed, mostly Afghan civilians. The Afghan government told The Associated Press that 66 people were wounded in the attack.

‘Foreign security firms put SA at risk’ 
IOL News |  17 August 2015
>The ANC intends on pressuring President Jacob Zuma to enact legislation on foreign-controlled security companies. The party has also called on the government to immediately remove all private security companies it has contracted to guard national keypoints, fearing that national security was being compromised.

MIMA: Hire private security to prevent pirate attacks 
The Sun Daily |  12 August 2015
>The Maritime Institute of Malaysia has called on shipping companies to hire private security to help prevent pirate attacks. MIMA director-general First Admiral (R) Datuk Chin Yoon Chin said that shipping companies should consider beefing up security to protect the cargo they carry by hiring armed personnel onboard their ships to ward off possible hijacking or theft. "For example, in the Gulf of Adan, companies hire protection personnel to deter pirates from attacking," he said.

Private migrant rescue missions should not serve as an excuse for states to to nothing - PM 
Malta International |  11 August 2015
>Private migrant rescue missions should not serve as an excuse for governments to sit back and abdicate their responsibilities, according to Prime Minister Joseph Muscat. He was interviewed by Vice News for a feature on the Migrant Offshore Aid Station, MOAS, which is a privately funded migrant rescue mission. The interviewer asked the PM if this was a case of private companies stepping in where governments were unwilling to thread, similar to what happened with private military contractors in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Why the Private Sector Is Going 'Neomedieval' On International Crises 
Vice news |  10 August 2015
>Somali piracy vexed the international community for years. Billions of dollars were lost annually, prompting several countries to spend billions more stationing a multinational fleet of ships off the Horn of Africa. But the large naval vessels proved unsuitable for chasing small pirate skiffs across vast ocean expanses, and the legal complexities of processing the few captured pirates were daunting. As a result, the impact of the naval fleet was — and is — surprisingly limited. In frustration, some shipping companies turned to private security companies (PSCs) to defend ships plying the waters off Somalia — and the PSCs have proven to be 100 percent effective in protecting cargo and crews

Private security companies expect to flourish in Suez Canal region 
Daily News Egypt |  9 August 2015
>Private security companies are looking to begin the implementation of a Suez Canal Axis development plan and the entry of many banks and companies into the region, until their activity securing these institutions flourishes. Sherif Khaled, Chairman and Managing Director of Falcon Group, expects security services to flourish in the Suez Canal region, with many banks and companies entering the region, requiring security services. This is especially with the expected business volume in the area during the upcoming period.

International humanitarian law: Madagascar supports Montreux Document 
ICRC |  5 August 2015
>A round table to present the Montreux Document to the Malagasy authorities was held on 18 June 2015 in the capital Antananarivo. This initiative was taken by the National International Humanitarian Law Committee and supported by the ICRC and the Swiss embassy for Madagascar, Comoros and Seychelles.

UK to send private security guards to Calais 
News Talk |  1 August 2015
>Security will be ramped up at the Channel Tunnel after Britain and France agreed a new package of measures, according to reports. The steps include 200 extra private security guards funded by the UK, French police reinforcements, additional fences provided by Britain and more CCTV.

Private Drone Operators to Cause More Civilian Deaths - Activist 
Sputnik News |  1 August 2015
>Private drone operators analyzing intelligence for the US military can lead to more civilian casualties with lesser accountability, Upstate Drone Action activist Ed Kinane told Sputnik. “The likely consequences include trigger-happiness with the ensuing maiming, death and terrorizing of civilians," Kinane said on Friday. “It is unlikely that such operators will be adequately trained in or responsive to international law. They are willing cogs in this rogue nation’s killing machine.”

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