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An expert from ArmorGroup (left) trains local members of the Nepal and Maoist Armies on the safe removal of unexploded devices.
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'The British have good snipers': 'UK mercenaries' are battling pro-Russian forces in Ukraine, claims PM of self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic 
Daily Mail, UK  |  31 May 2014
> Mercenaries from Britain or America are being deployed by the Ukrainian government in an operation to wipe out pro-Moscow fighters in the country’s lawless eastern regions, it has been alleged.

Russia and Ukraine clash at UN over violence 
The International New York Times  |  28 May 2014
> UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The Russian and Ukrainian ambassadors clashed in the United Nations Security Council over the surge of violence in Ukraine's pro-Russian east and both urged the council to take action to end it.

Working with Maritime Security Guards: New Course  |  28 May 2014
> Videotel, in association with Steamship Mutual, has launched a new training programme developed in conjunction with the Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI) and BIMCO, informs UK trade association Maritime London.

Brazil’s World Cup 2014: Private Security “Made ​​in the USA” 
Americas Program  |  27 May 2014
> As the World Cup nears, the Brazilian press has reported that the American company Academi, formerly Blackwater, carried out training of Brazilian military personnel and federal police in April.

Standard Risk: Is Your PMSC Competent? 
The Maritime Executive  |  24 May 2014
> Increasingly we are seeing a consolidation of the Private Maritime Security Company (PMSCs) sector and the marginalizing of the ‘laptop and cell phone’ PMSC offering. It is this momentum that offers so much potential for the US shipping community by directly linking accountable competence to the US reimbursement scheme captured in US Public Law 112-213.

Security industry steps up pressure on ownership law 
BusinessDay  |  23 May 2014
> The private security industry this week continued to ratchet up the pressure on President Jacob Zuma not to enact changes to the law that will force foreign-owned firms to sell 51% of their shares to South Africans.

Videotel Adds ‘Working with Maritime Security Guards'  |  22 May 2014
> It is easy to forget that the use of Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSCs) has only become commonplace in the last few years and that the selection and deployment of armed guards is still an unknown quantity for many operators and crew.

Angola: Private Security Firms Law Passed  |  22 May 2014
> Luanda — The National Assembly Thursday in Luanda passed into law the Bill on Private Security Companies that revokes a previous one and puts in place efficient mechanisms of control of the activity of firms operating in the sector.

A glimpse into the high-priced world of private security and technology 
WJLA  |  20 May 2014
> (WJLA) - The ear pieces, accompanied by icy stares and plotted-out routes with backup plans to their backup plans, are just an average day for Jack Hickey and his security team at Aegis Global. And this is hardly an anomaly.

CIA, FBI Agents Dying for Illegal Junta in Ukraine 
Global Research  |  20 May 2014
> The US/CIA/NATO have stepped up their military operations and continue to actively wage their secret war in Ukraine against the Ukrainian people in an extremely dangerous poorly planned operation that is failing and carries with it the real threat of sparking off a full-fledged war, if not World War III, against an unwilling Russian Federation which continues to attempt to deal with the aggressive-in-your-face-threat to its security through diplomacy and peaceful means. The recent capture and killing of 25 CIA officers in Ukraine only shows the desperation of the US effort and the complete disregard for not only international law and the people of Ukraine but also for the lives of their own CIA personnel.

Comoros must address past mercenaries’ impact on present human rights situation – UN experts 
UNHCR  |  16 May 2014
> Ending a nine-day official visit to Comoros today, the Working Group on the use of mercenaries called upon the Government to prioritize effective governance and respect for human rights in order to move forward from a past tainted by mercenarism.

Home Dept Wants to See All Private Guards in Blue 
The News International  |  16 May 2014
> The Sindh Home Department has directed all private security agencies across the province to make it compulsory for their security guards to don the prescribed blue uniform on duty for the next 15 days. He also warned that disciplinary action would be taken against the private security agencies that had not obtained due permissions and no-objection certificates from the relevant government agencies before engaging in selling ownership rights of their respective companies.

ACADEMI Denies Involvement in Ukraine Conflict 
ACADEMI  |  15 May 2014
> Some irresponsible news outlets have recently posted rumors that ACADEMI employees are operating in Ukraine. They are not and any reports to the contrary are completely false.

Security industry bill ‘in breach of international law’ 
Business Day Live  |  14 May 2014
> A PROVISION in the Private Security Industry Regulation Amendment Bill adopted by Parliament a few months ago, which limits foreign ownership to a maximum of 49%, was in breach of South Africa’s obligations under international law, an expert in trade law said on Tuesday.

Policing private security 
International Organization for Standardization  |  12 May 2014
> a new ISO project committee has started work on an international framework to help the industry adopt good practice and improve accountability.

DynCorp Targets U.K. as Afghan Work Unwinds 
Wall Street Journal  |  12 May 2014
> DynCorp International Inc., one of the largest U.S. defense contractors in Afghanistan, hopes to offset its fast-shrinking business there by targeting other countries looking to outsource defense work, its chief executive said Monday.

Trying to Salvage Remains of Blackwater Case 
New York Times  |  11 May 2014
> The team of F.B.I. agents arrived in Iraq to investigate a shooting involving a private company that provided security for Americans in a war zone. It was October 2007, and the name of the company — Blackwater Worldwide — did not yet mean anything to the agents. But what they found shocked them.

Little law, less order 
The Economist  |  10 May 2014
> The UN, whose agencies have a large presence in the capital, reckon the number of burglaries in Nairobi doubled to 300 from the last quarter of 2013 to the first quarter of this year. Private security companies, who are reckoned to employ more than 100,000 people in Nairobi, are thriving.

Stop wearing unapproved uniforms — Police 
Ghana Web  |  9 May 2014
> The Ghana Police Service has issued a fresh warning to private security companies in the country to desist from flouting the regulations on the use of accoutrements (personnel clothing, accessories etc.) that bear a close resemblance to those of the regular uniformed state security services.

Yemen: Gunmen Kill French Security Officer 
Agence France Press  |  6 May 2014
> France condemned an attack on the European Union’s security team in Yemen on Monday that left one Frenchman dead and two others wounded.

UN Expert Group on Mercenaries to Launch First Official Visit to Comoros  
UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights  |  5 May 2014
> The United Nations Working Group* on the use of mercenaries will carry out an official visit to Comoros from 8 to 16 May 2014, to examine and assess the situation of mercenarism and its impacts on human rights in the country. The experts will also look into the issue of private military and security companies and how they operate in Comoros.

Sen. Walsh takes aim at defense contracting 
Great Falls Tribune  |  2 May 2014
> Studies have found that the government’s reliance on contractors has grown significantly in recent years, and Democratic Sen. John Walsh, Montana’s junior senator, introduced a bill Thursday that he said would cut those costs.

Guns for Hire:The surprising role of Australians in the rise of private security companies 
The Monthly  |  1 May 2014
> You may not be surprised by how the private security industry has evolved since Iraq. The quietly influential role Australians play in it is less well known.

Criminalisation of Maritime Security Operatives 
Maritime Journal  |  1 May 2014
> The Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI) said that in piracy afflicted areas, both in the Indian Ocean and off West Africa, there are increasing concerns that innocent maritime security operatives are being targeted, wrongly arrested and criminalised.

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