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An expert from ArmorGroup (left) trains local members of the Nepal and Maoist Armies on the safe removal of unexploded devices.
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Ex-mercenary & SAS officer: Worst atrocities committed by child soldiers 
RT  |  30 June 2014
> Soldiers of fortune. Hired guns. Mercenaries. They’ve existed throughout the known history of mankind, always there, where the flames of war are high. Little has changed in our days – private military companies are flourishing, and professional soldiers are welcome guests for governments and groups that want to reshape the conflict zone. But what does it mean to be a mercenary – to risk your life for the sake of earthly money? We spoke to a man, once a British SAS officer, that later fought as a hired soldier in the war in Angola – and once was even ordered to overthrow the government. Simon Mann is on SophieCo today.

In 2007, A Blackwater Mercenary In Iraq Said He ‘Could Kill’ A US Investigator And Get Away With It 
Business Insider  |  30 June 2014
> The top manager for the mercenary group Blackwater told a State Department investigator that “he could kill [him] at that very moment and no one could or would do anything about it as we were in Iraq,” James Risen of The New York Times reports.

Before Shooting in Iraq, a Warning on Blackwater 
New York Times  |  29 June 2014
> American Embassy officials in Baghdad sided with Blackwater rather than the State Department investigators as a dispute over the probe escalated in August 2007, the previously undisclosed documents show. The officials told the investigators that they had disrupted the embassy’s relationship with the security contractor and ordered them to leave the country, according to the reports.

SIS Security in talks to raise ₹500 crore 
The Hindu Business Line  |  29 June 2014
> Private security services firm Security and Intelligence Services India (SIS Security) said it is in talks to raise about ₹500 crore to build a war chest to step up acquisition.

Russian 'Blackwater'? MPs call for local security industry loophole 
RT  |  27 June 2014
> Nationalist party LDPR deputies have drafted a law on private military companies to the regional legislature of North Russia’s Pskov. If approved, the draft will be forwarded to the federal parliament.

US Military Personnel In Iraq: Numbers And Mission Are Murky 
International Business Times  |  27 June 2014
> U.S. military personnel and security guards are heading to Iraq to assist Baghdad in determining how best to fight one of the most feared extremist groups in the world, but reports of exactly how many are already in the country and how many more will be sent is still largely unknown.

Nigerian navy preventing use of armed guards 
Lloyd's List Australia  |  27 June 2014
> Nigeria’s navy is forcibly preventing the use of security guards from either private military companies or the country’s own police force on ships within the country’s exclusive economic zone, despite high levels of piracy in West Africa, according to an advisory note from shipowner association BIMCO.

40% of private security agencies in Tamil Nadu don't give training to staff, top cop says 
Times of India  |  27 June 2014
> About 40% of the private security agencies in Tamil Nadu have failed to impart training to their personnel, said additional director general of police (operations) Sanjay Aroroa on Friday. Training of private security personnel was mandatory in the state.

KBR's Use of Private Security Contractors During Operations in Iraq Reaffirmed; Company Will Seek $45 Million Plus Interest in Compensation for Services Rendered 
Reuters  |  26 June 2014
> After five-plus years of litigation, the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals (ASBCA) today reaffirmed KBR's (NYSE:KBR) use of private security contractors during combat operations in Iraq. The ruling clears the way for KBR to recover $45 million plus interest from the U.S. government for services rendered in 2003-2007. It also confirms the appropriateness of an additional $10 million in billings previously paid to KBR.

Foreign advisers possibly aboard downed Mi-8 helicopter – Donetsk militia commander 
Voice of Russia  |  25 June 2014
> In addition to nine Ukrainian military servicemen, the helicopter shot down on Tuesday near Slavyansk, the Donetsk region, could have been carrying a group of foreign advisers as well, Interfax reported Igor Strelkov (Girkin), the commander of the armed groups of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) saying.

ISIS: An Expression Of imperialism In Iraq 
MintPress News  |  24 June 2014
> The ISIS-led insurgency currently gripping the western and northern regions of Iraq is but a continuation of the imperialist-sponsored insurgency in neighboring Syria.

The Destruction and Political Fragmentation of Iraq 
Sudan Vision daily  |  23 June 2014
> What is important to understand, is that both sides, namely the regular Iraqi forces and the ISIS rebel army are supported by US-NATO. There were US military advisers and special forces including operatives from private military companies on location in Mosul working with Iraq’s regular armed forces. In turn, there are Western special forces or mercenaries within ISIS (acting on contract to the CIA or the Pentagon) who are in liaison with US-NATO (e.g. through satellite phones).

Armed Guards off Nigeria in Hot Water? 
The Maritime Executive  |  23 June 2014
> The latest security advisory for Nigeria issued by the Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO) effectively renders the use of armed guards commercially placed on merchant vessels illegal and is highly likely to have major repercussions for the ship owner and the charterer should they be caught with unauthorized armed police or marine police on board says leading maritime security company GoAGT.

Outsourcing Security: In Rawalpindi, Pakistan, traders told to hire private guards 
The Express Tribune  |  23 June 2014
> The Rawalpindi police have asked traders to hire private security guards, since they cannot provide security to all the markets and shopping malls in the city with a limited number of personnel.

Captured Russian mercenary near Sloviansk condemns Putin, asks for forgiveness (VIDEO) 
Kyiv Post  |  21 June 2014
> Counterterrorism forces say they caught a 52-year-old Russian mercenary near Sloviansk on June 20, the website of Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) states. He was recruited by an agent of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB)– Russia’s KGB-successor agency – to fight Ukrainian forces who promised him $1,000 for every Ukrainian officer and $300 for every private soldier killed.

Liberia: Mercenaries' Lawyer Claims Bribery  |  20 June 2014
> The unanimous verdict in the just-ended mercenary trial involving 13 Liberians is said to be marred by allegation of bribery. The claim of bribery was contained in Cllr. T. Dempster Brown's argument on Tuesday when he prayed the court for a new trial. Cllr. Brown alleged that the Government of Liberia bribed the jurors to bring guilty verdict in its favor.

Security in Sabah, Malaysia, in Spotlight Again After Abductions 
Channel NewsAsia  |  20 June 2014
> Security in the state of Sabah in east Malaysia is back in the spotlight after three kidnappings since March. Regional security experts warn of a militant resurgence in the area if such criminal activities are not stopped.

NSCDC Warns Against Unlicensed Private Security Guards 
Daily Times Nigeria  |  19 June 2014
> The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) has urged Nigerians in need of licensed private security guards to consult it.

South Africa: Send private security bill back - SACCI 
Business Report  |  19 June 2014
> President Jacob Zuma should send the Private Security Industry Regulations Amendment Bill back to Parliament, the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI) said on Thursday.

Poland: Ukraine's Other Nemesis  |  19 June 2014
> Jerzy Dziewulski, security advisor to former Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski, was photographed last week with former interim Ukrainian president Oleksander Turchynov in Slavyansk. Dziewulski was trained in counter-terrorism in the US, Israel, France, and Germany, and currently runs his own private security company. Despite former interim president Sikorski playing dumb about the presence of Polish mercenaries in Ukraine, promising to "report the fact to the country's prosecution office", the photo of Dziewulski and Turchynov is proof that it is the politician who is lying.

Australian Security Firm Helps Defend Baghdad 
Herald Sun  |  18 June 2014
> Iraq’s prime minister said his government has regained the initiative after the “shock” defeat of its army and security forces in a lightning attack by Sunni militants in the country’s north. Meanwhile, diplomats said they were investigating claims of some 100 foreign workers being kidnapped in areas under militant control.

Liberia Sentences 13 to Life for Border Raids 
ABC News  |  18 June 2014
> A Liberian judge has sentenced 13 men to life in prison for "mercenary activity" in neighboring Ivory Coast, state radio reported Wednesday. The men were convicted for their role in attacks on villages in western Ivory Coast in 2011 and 2012.

American Imperialism and Non-Conventional Warfare in Iraq: Premeditated Covert Operations and the ISIS Insurgency 
Global Research  |  18 June 2014
> While recent developments in Iraq are being portrayed as spontaneous “spillover” from the imperialist war on Syria – still commonly referred to as an uprising, or “revolution” – they are in fact nothing of the sort and in reality represent a culmination of years of covert planning and premeditated imperial policy.

Former Blackwater Security Guards on Trial for 14 Killings in Iraq: The Case Revisits the 2007 Incident That Sparked International Outrage 
Wall Street Journal  |  17 June 2014
> The four former private security guards charged in the 2007 killings of 14 Iraqis in Baghdad practiced a policy of "shoot first, justify later" that led to a brutal massacre of innocent civilians, a federal prosecutor said during opening arguments Tuesday.

No Moves on New Private Security Industry Law 
Parly Report  |  13 June 2014
> The Private Security Industry Regulations Amendment Bill, tabled in last year’s parliamentary sessions by former Minister of Police Nathi Mthethwa and now sitting with the President Zuma for enactment, has been the subject of an outcry from a number of sources including legal experts. Now the Security Association of SA (Sasa) itself has again voiced its dissatisfaction should the Bill be signed into law.

Celeb safety is big business at World Cup 
CNNMoney  |  12 June 2014
> Brazil is beefing up security for the World Cup, but corporate executives and wealthy soccer fans are sparing no expense when it comes to their safety.

Diplomats, pilots and hired guns: Here are the Americans left in Iraq 
The Washington Post  |  12 June 2014
> While the United States pulled virtually all of its remaining troops from Iraq in 2011, there are thousands of Americans still there. They include U.S. diplomats and embassy personnel, private security contractors, and private military advisers to the Iraqi government.

Liberia: New Security Company to Be Established 
AllAfrica  |  12 June 2014
> A London-based professional security firm, owned and operated by Liberians is expected to shortly open its doors of huge employment opportunities to thousands of young people in Liberia.

Military Contractor Liability Returns to the Supreme Court 
Lawfare  |  11 June 2014
> The Supreme Court is set to consider a pair of cert. petitions brought by PMCs, both of which seek review of circuit-level decisions that, if left intact, could potentially subject them to civil liability based upon allegedly tortious conduct by their employees in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Staff role ‘likely’ in Manus Island riots, says G4S 
The Australian  |  11 June 2014
> PRIVATE security contractor G4S has conceded its staff may have been “likely involved in the fighting’’ that erupted during the deadly Manus Island riots in February.

Former US Mercenaries Face Trial Over Iraqi Deaths 
Morning Star  |  10 June 2014
> FOUR ex-mercenaries from notorious US security firm Blackwater will face trial tomorrow in the killings of 14 Iraqi civilians and the wounding of 18 others.

Colombia's Security Export 
Ozymandias  |  9 June 2014
> Colombia is no longer Latin America’s security headache. Now it is exporting its know-how, reducing some of the burden on the U.S.

New bill puts SA in breach of treaties 
Business Day Live |  8 June 2014
> THE Private Security Industry Regulation Amendment Bill is of grave concern to foreign investors.

Czech diplomacy denies reports of Czech mercenaries in Ukraine 
Prague Post  |  8 June 2014
> Czech diplomacy has no information on alleged Czech mercenaries taken hostage by pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, Czech Foreign Affairs Ministry spokeswoman Johana Grohová said in reaction to a Ukrainian separatist leader quoted by the Interfax-Ukraine press agency today.

UK security firm to end contracts with Israel 
World Bulletin  |  7 June 2014
> The British security firm G4S is to end its contracts with Israel within the next three years, according to the Financial Times newspaper. “We expect them to expire and we don’t expect to renew them,” Chief executive Ashley Almanza told the Financial Times.

Russia urges US to bar foreign mercenaries from army operation in eastern Ukraine 
Kyiv Post  |  6 June 2014
> "We would like the U.S. administration to take effective measures and prevent the involvement of foreign mercenaries in the Kyiv punitive operation against the protesters, people fighting for their rights in southeastern Ukraine," Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said.

UN report sees war crimes by both sides in Central African Republic, but not ethnic cleansing 
CTV News  |  5 June 2014
> Muslim rebel forces from the north known as Seleka, which included mercenaries from Chad and Sudan, have been blamed for numerous atrocities against civilians during their 10-month rule that ended in January. A wave of retaliatory violence by Christians followed.

Who are the masked mercenaries in Ukraine? 
Deutsche Welle  |  5 June 2014
> Chechen fighters could be along the armed pro-Russian combatants in Ukraine's Donbass region, according to some reports. Eyewitness accounts suggest increasing numbers of soldiers from Russia.

G4S to end Israeli jail contracts within three years (Israel & Palestine) 
Financial Times  |  5 June 2014
> G4S has confirmed that it will end all its Israeli prison contracts within the next three years after an annual general meeting that was severely disrupted by human rights protesters.

G4S must end its complicity in Israel's abuse of child prisoners 
The Guardian  |  4 June 2014
> As G4S management and shareholders prepare to participate in the G4S AGM on Thursday, we call on G4S management and shareholders to end the corporation's participation in Israel's brutal occupation. G4S operates and maintains security systems at the Ofer prison, located in the occupied West Bank, and for the Kishon and Moskobiyyeh detention/interrogation facilities, at which human rights organisations have documented systematic torture and ill-treatment of Palestinian prisoners, including child prisoners, held in solitary confinement.

Senegal: Regional seminar on the Montreux Document and private military and security companies 
International Committee of the Red Cross Press Release  |  4 June 2014
> Dakar (ICRC) – A two-day seminar on the Montreux Document, organized by the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces, the Senegalese government and Senegal's Centre for Advanced Studies in Defence and Security, ended in Dakar today.

Security guard industry lacks standards, training 
Phys.Org  |  3 June 2014
> Despite playing a more important role in the wake of 9/11, the security guard industry remains plagued by inadequate training and standards in many states, indicates new research by Michigan State University criminologists.

Civil Defence Corps Advises Nigerians On Private Security Guards 
Leadership, Nigeria  |  3 June 2014
> The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) has urged Nigerians in need of licenced private security guards to consult it. Mr Agboola Sunday, Head, NSCDC Licencing Unit for Private Guard Companies, gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday in Abuja.

Top private security firm official in ACB net for bribe 
Press Trust of India  |  2 June 2014
> Sleuths of Anti-Corruption Bureau today arrested a retired Lieutenant Colonel, who is now at a senior post in a leading private security services company, for allegedly accepting a bribe of Rs 50,000, an official said here.

Russia says 300 foreign mercenaries joined Ukrainian military in March 
PressTV  |  1 June 2014
> Russia says around 300 foreign mercenaries who were fighting along with militants in Syria against President Bashar Assad made their way to Eastern Ukraine back in March.

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