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An expert from ArmorGroup (left) trains local members of the Nepal and Maoist Armies on the safe removal of unexploded devices.
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Security matters 
The Fiji Times  |  31 July 2014
> No private security firms will be hired by the Fijian Elections Office to provide security at the September 17 polls. Instead, the Elections Office will work with the Fiji Police Force to maintain order at the polling venues.

Government taking various initiatives for Safety and Security of Steel Plants 
Odisha News  |  30 July 2014
> New Delhi: The Minister of State for Mines, Steel and Labour and Employment, Shri Vishnu Deo Sai has said that steel is a deregulated sector and there are large number of steel plants that have come up/are being set up in the private sector.

Private security industry is worth R50bn a year 
Business Day  |  30 July 2014
> The Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSiRA) is making a mint from ordinary South Africans’ need for protection from criminals a Parliamentary committee heard on Wednesday. The private security industry is worth about R50bn a year, employs 2-million people and consists of some 12,000 different firms.

High level Irish security worker ‘unlawfully detained’ by secret police in Mauritania 
Irish Independent  |  29 July 2014
> An Irish security worker has been ‘unlawfully detained’ by secret police in Mauritania, according to his employer.

KCCA now operating like Wembley was: a mercenary group 
The Observer  |  29 July 2014
> An earthquake-like operation by KCCA operatives, under heavy police protection, has just concluded, destroying all settlements along the railway line. Like a wind, it is blowing along the same line towards Banda and Kireka, leaving in its passage all but ruins.

Kenya: Mombasa Gets More Security 
allAfrica  |  29 July 2014
> The Mombasa government has sought security services from the national police, private security firms and the county inspectorate department ahead of the coming cultural festivals. The second annual Mombasa Cultural International Festivals have been scheduled for August 21-24 at different tourist attraction venues in the county

Defense for Blackwater guards claims gov't withheld evidence 
RT  |  28 July 2014
> Lawyers for the Blackwater security guards on trial for killing 17 Iraqis in Baghdad’s Nisour Square in 2007 claimed Monday that the US government has suppressed evidence that could aid the defendants.

DRC plotters argue in PTA court 
News24  |  28 July 2014
> Pretoria - Members of a rebel Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) group, accused of plotting to overthrow President Joseph Kabila's government while in South Africa, are challenging the validity of local foreign military assistance legislation.

Kenyan Woman Dies in Kabul Base Bomb 
allAfrica  |  28 July 2014
> A Kenyan woman working for an American private military contractor was killed last Tuesday in the latest suicide bombing targeting a US military base in Kabul, Afghanistan. Lilian Boit is a former Kenya Air Force officer, who was based at Moi Air Base Eastleigh before relocating to Afghanistan to work for DynCorp International as a security officer.

Euro-Mid Observer: 6,000 mercenaries take part in killing Palestinian civilians 
Al-Jazeera  |  28 July 2014
> The Euro-Mid Observer for Human Rights has called on western countries to withdraw their citizens who serve as mercenaries in the Israeli occupation army. Euro-Mid Observer revealed on Sunday that hundreds of Europeans, Americans, and Canadians, who have enrolled in the Israeli army, had taken part in killing Palestinian civilians especially in Gaza.

Mercenaries for Donbas terrorists get transported there via Belarus 
Charter'97  |  28 July 2014
> Mercenary recruiters have been detained, who recruited people for fighting for the DPR and LPR terrorists. They were detained on 25 July while trying to recruit two residents of the Ternopil region, UNIAN reports with a reference to the Ukraine Security Service department for Ternopil region.

Seales: Comfort police came like thief in the night 
Trinidad & Tobago Guardian Online  |  27 July 2014
> Secretary of the Police Social and Welfare Association, acting Inspector Michael Seales, says news of the Community Comfort Patrol (CCP) programme “came like a thief in the night” to the association’s members. Seales said the association had no knowledge about the CCP, which is a joint initiative between the Ministry of National Security and the Private Security Network Commission (PSNC).

Ukraine fights 'foreign mercenaries' in its east, says president 
Reuters  |  26 July 2014
> Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said on Saturday his country was not fighting a civil war in its east but was fighting "foreign mercenaries", hailing soldiers for forcing pro-Russian rebels out of several towns and cities.

КПРФ  |  26 July 2014
> (English version available at Phantom Report) The Russian government is working on a plan for the establishment of private security forces. It is assumed that these non-state actors will be involved in politically sensitive situations.

British Security Industry Association Reinforces Role Played By Security Firms In Delivering Cost Savings To Police Forces Across The UK  |  25 July 2014
> Continued partnership working between Police and private security firms has helped forces across the country reduce costs in the face of public sector budget cuts. In a report published earlier this week by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC), police forces’ response to budget cuts were praised, while concerns have been raised around the impact on neighborhood policing. Responding to this report, the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) – the trade body representing the UK’s private security industry – is reinforcing the important role played by security firms in delivering cost savings to forces across the country.

Attack on Egypt army post bears fingerprints of foreign intelligence 
Middle East Online  |  24 July 2014
> Interior Ministry spokesman says terrorist operations are carried out by mercenaries, trained in Syria and Iraq, and recruited by foreign intelligence.

Baltic mercenaries fighting in Ukraine- report 
The Baltic Times  |  23 July 2014
> Baltic mercenaries are allegedly fighting for pro Kiev forces in Eastern Ukraine, an Italian newspaper reports.

2,000 mercenaries fighting alongside Israel 
Saudi Gazette  |  22 July 2014
> GAZA – The two Americans killed in fighting in the Gaza Strip followed in the footsteps of scores of Jews from around the world who have volunteered to fight for Israel.

UN holds Cuban-sponsored meeting on Private Security Companies 
UN Watch  |  22 July 2014
> From July 21-25, the UN in Geneva is holding a meeting of the Intergovernmental Working Group on the activities of private military and security companies (PMSCs) This goal of this session, called for by a resolution tabled by Cuba and the African Group, is “to consider the possibility of elaborating an international regulatory framework” for the oversight of private military and security companies. In addition, the agenda also includes another Cuban anti-Western favorite, “the use of mercenaries as a mean of violating human rights.”

Who's Guarding Whom? Private Security Contractors and the Need for Government Action 
The Huffington Post  |  22 July 2014
> The Department of Defense spent about $160 billion on private security contractors (PSCs) for various services in Iraq and Afghanistan from 2007-2012, and contractor personnel made up over 50 percent of the U.S. presence in the Balkans, Iraq, and Afghanistan. This is a growing and major global industry, where rules aren't developing fast enough to cover the myriad of services provided by these companies.

MPs remind minister he has inherited problems in police 
Business Day  |  22 July 2014
> Police Minister Nathi Nhleko’s first budget vote debate was a baptism of fire on Monday as opposition MPs detailed for him all that is wrong in the South African Police Service (SAPS) that he will now have to put right.

NSCDC seals off private guard companies 
Nigerian Tribune  |  22 July 2014
> In line with its core mandate to monitor and license private guard companies in the country, the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) has sealed off 10 companies in Anambra and Enugu state.

Russia Calls for Investigation of Foreign Mercenaries Participation in Ukraine Hostilities 
RIA Novosti  |  21 July 2014
> Russia’s Foreign Ministry on Monday demanded that Sweden, Finland, the Baltic states and France conduct a thorough investigation into alleged involvement of mercenaries from these countries in hostilities in eastern Ukraine.

Lucknow: Cops arrest security guard who assaulted, killed mother of two 
Firstpost India  |  20 July 2014
> Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Police today arrested a guard of a private security firm in connection with the murder of a 35-year-old woman in Mohanlalganj area of the city, and said that the autopsy findings indicated attempt to rape.

Terrorism And The Private Security Guards’ Dilemma 
Leadership  |  19 July 2014
> As Abuja, the nation’s capital, becomes a hot spot for insurgency, private security guards are caught in a web of terror they never imagined would be part of their brief. AGBO-PAUL AUGUSTINE writes, “The relative peace I enjoyed on this job has gone. Whenever I hear of such attacks in the past, I never bothered to picture the magnitude of the devastation on people especially on the lives of guards on duty,” says Samuel Abah, 25, a private security guard as he releases the rope of a crossbar to allow a customer drive into a popular eatery in Wuse II, few meters away from ground zero of the June 25, 2014 EMAB Plaza bomb attacks in Abuja that claimed 21 lives with dozens injured.

'Kalyan youths may have gone to Iraq as mercenaries' 
Times of India  |  19 July 2014
> KALYAN: The four Kalyan youths suspected to have joined the jihadis in Iraq may not be as ideologically committed as it is being made out to be and may have joined the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) as mercenaries, India's former ambassador to Syria RajendraAbhyankar said on Friday.

A Primer on Legal Developments Regarding Private Military Contractors 
Lawfare  |  18 July 2014
> Recent events again have raised the issue of accountability for alleged human rights violations by Blackwater, the most notorious of the private contractors deployed by the United States in the Iraq war. On June 11, trial finally got underway of four Blackwater guards accused of shooting indiscriminately into traffic in Nisour Square in Baghdad, in 2007—and killing 17 civilians. Just days later, the New York Times reported that two weeks before the shooting, a Blackwater manager had threatened the life of the State Department investigator who was looking into the firm’s operations in Iraq. According to the Times, rather than sanction its contractor, the State Department instead sent its investigator packing. The newly released report from the investigator sums it up: “Blackwater contractors saw themselves as above the law.”

Montreal police force increase lucrative private security contracts 
CJAD News  |  18 July 2014
> The city of Montreal wants to increase revenue for the Montreal police department by boosting the number of security contracts the department signs with private companies.

European Parliament Urges EU Countries To Ban Arms Sales To Russia 
RTT News  |  17 July 2014
> The European Parliament has called on Russia to back the peace plan offered by Ukraine, respect the ceasefire and withdraw its mercenaries via the retreat corridor.

Armenia: Mercenaries penetrated into Karvachar will be punished by NKR laws: Seyran Ohanyan 
ArmenPress  |  17 July 2014
> The Minister of Defense of the Republic of Armenia Seyran Ohanyan is not surprised by the decision on the Azerbaijani side - to appeal to the OSCE Minsk Group and the International Committee of the Red Cross, on the issue of the subversives' penetration into Karvachar. The Minister said that Azerbaijan may also demand to return them.

BSIA Chairman Pauline Norstrom Recognizes Contribution Of Individuals And Organizations To Its Ongoing Success 
Source Security  |  17 July 2014
> Newly-elected Chairman of the British Security Industry Association, Pauline Norstrom, has personally recognized the significant contributions made by five individuals and organizations to the ongoing success of the UK’s private security industry.

Nigeria: NSCDC sanctions officers for assault on journalists, JAMB staff 
All Africa  |  17 July 2014
> The Kogi State Command of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) has sanctioned four of its officers for assaulting some journalists and staff of the Joint Addmision and Matriculation Board (JAMB).

The hidden costs and consequences of contracting non-compliant security providers 
Cape Business News  |  17 July 2014
> A security officer who is unable to perform his duties properly, or one who may be open to the temptation of bribery, collusion and crime. Is this the type of security officer you would want protecting some of your most valuable assets at your home or place of work? According to the Security Association of South Africa (SASA), that’s exactly what you’ll get if you hire a non-compliant security company. Not to mention the risk of heavy penalties or jail time, for consumers who continue to transgress the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) Act.

G4S To Sell G4S Sweden To Sector Alarm For SEK 438 Mln 
RTT News  |  17 July 2014
> UK-based private security firm G4S Plc. said Thursday that it agreed to sell G4S Sweden to Sector Alarm for a total consideration of 438 million Swedish kronor, including cash and debt, or 37.4 million pounds at current exchange rates.

FARNBOROUGH: Draken International buys refurbished L-159s 
Flight Global  |  17 July 2014
> Private military contractor Draken International will buy up to 28 Aero Vodochody L-159Es from the Czech Republic under a three-way deal. Under the contract, the manufacturer will acquire the aircraft from the Czech government and sell them on to Draken, which has committed to taking at least 14 aircraft. The L-159s are surplus to air force requirements, and have been in long-term storage.

Security industry bill may open sector to small, local firms 
Business Day  |  17 July 2014
> Small security companies are poised to cash in on the possible divestment by the industry’s large players should President Jacob Zuma sign the bill compelling dominant players to cede majority shares to locals.

Interview with a Russian Mercenary in Ukraine 
The American Interest  |  15 July 2014
> Radio Free Europe has published a fascinating interview with a pro-Moscow mercenary who fought in eastern Ukraine. The man, an Armenian called Artur Gasparyan, describes being recruited and armed in Russia and crossing the border to fight the Ukrainian army alongside other rebel militias. He explains how Russian overseers had him delete his social media accounts in order to make him difficult to identify by the press, and how the soldiers in his militia did not know each others’ real names.

Hanging Out with Syria's Mysterious French Mercenary 
Vice News  |  14 July 2014
> My first encounter with Kalen was awkward. The night I arrived in Syria, he walked into the safehouse like he owned the place, put down an AK-47, un-holstered a pistol, and peeled off his heavy navy blue flak jacket. Like everyone in Aleppo, he was covered in dust. But unlike most fighters here, he was clean-shaven and had a teddy bear strapped to his vest.

Busting up Somali pirate attacks one ship at a time 
The Christian Science Monitor  |  14 July 2014
> Shipping security consultant says 9 times out of 10 pirates turn tail when they see armed guards on the boats. But the war against piracy isn't entirely over.

Private security bill is ‘bizarre’ 
Independent Online  |  14 July 2014
> Johannesburg - The private security industry has come under intense scrutiny over the past few months because of the government’s push to sign the Private Security Industry Regulation Amendment Bill into law.

Peanuts for Guard Duty 
The New Indian Express  |  14 July 2014
> CHENNAI:They spend at least between 12 to 14 hours on duty. And on most days they have to keep standing for hours together. Most of them stay in Chennai’s outskirts where they can get houses on cheap rent. Duty hours and the travelling time leave them hardly five to six hours to sleep a day. Besides, at times they face the risk of getting killed for doing their job.

Private Security Industry Bill gets more criticism 
Parly Report  |  12 July 2014
> The Private Security Industry Regulations Amendment Bill, tabled in last year’s parliamentary sessions by former Minister of Police Nathi Mthethwa and now sitting with the President Zuma for enactment, has been the subject of an outcry from a number of sources including legal experts.

‘Gated communities exacerbate social segregation, isolation' 
Today's Zaman  |  12 July 2014
> Emel K. a resident of İstanbul, was astonished by the treatment she received from private security guards when she wanted to visit a friend of hers living in a villa in a gated community in İstanbul's Beylikdüzü district last week.

State Department paid Blackwater more than billion dollars 
The Voice of Russia  |  12 July 2014
> US State Department has paid more than a billion dollars to the private military company Blackwater since autumn of 2007 despite the fact that Washington investigator Jean Richter received death threats by the head of the company in Iraq.

Police cutbacks mean citizens pay twice for protection  |  11 July 2014
> SECURITY?: Communities, condos and apartment complex, are relying more on private security guard to protect residents against crime.

Good News for Maritime Security Team in Custody on Arms Charges after Protecting Merchant Ships 
Handy Shipping Guide  |  10 July 2014
> INDIA–SOUTH EAST ASIA: The protracted saga of the anti-piracy protection vessel, the Seaman Guard Ohio, belonging to private maritime security group AdvanFort, appears at last to be more or less over with the news that the Chennai Court has dropped all charges related to the carriage of illegal arms. The ship was detained by Indian authorities along with her 35 strong crew last October. In other piracy news it seems Somalia is no longer the first place to avoid when operating any sort of merchant vessel.

Maimane urges Zuma not to sign proposed bills 
SABC  |  9 July 2014
> Democratic Alliance (DA) Parliamentary leader Mmusi Maimane has called on President Jacob Zuma not to sign into law three bills referred to him by parliament. Maimane says these bills will cost jobs if they become law. He was addressing the Cape Town Press Gallery on Wednesday.

Coming to America: Mercenary Justice 
Global Research  |  9 July 2014
> There is as yet no legal barrier to wholesale deployment of mercenary soldiers to U.S. cities. Such forces occupied New Orleans in 2005, two years before Blackwater troops massacred Iraqi civilians in Baghdad’s Nisoor Square. Could Times Square be next?

Private security guards given police powers to tackle antisocial behavior in Boscombe 
Daily Echo  |  9 July 2014
> Private security guards have been granted police powers to help tackle antisocial behaviour in Boscombe – and they could be used elsewhere. The three Community Safety Patrol Officers (CSPOs) are employed by Guarding UK Ltd – which already deploys security staff in the Sovereign Shopping Centre – but, in a first for the county, possess the same enforcement powers as a Dorset Police Community Support Officer.

Tactical Veteran: Private security contractor jobs offer good money- with risks 
Army Times  |  8 July 2014
>Although major combat operations have ended in Iraq and are about to end in Afghanistan, the need for these security contractors throughout the world will always exist. Many veterans separating from the military are interested in working for a PSC overseas. But before you apply, you should know a little bit about what you’re getting into.

Private security agencies told to register online 
Business Standard  |  7 July 2014
>To keep a check on private security agencies in the capital, the Delhi government Monday directed them to provide details, including the number of personnel deployed in the city, by July 21, officials said.

Private military contractors to fall under Defense Ministry purview – Draft Duma bill 
RT  |  7 July 2014
>Russia's ruling party MPs want to grant broad rights and state contracts to private military companies, at the same time giving the control over contractors to the Defense Ministry.

Manitoba brings in new labour rules for private security guards, higher pay 
The Canadian Press  |  7 July 2014
>WINNIPEG -- Manitoba is bringing in new labour rules for private security guards that it says will improve public safety. The changes include requiring employers to pay guards at least $0.25 over the minimum wage starting this October -- and $2.25 by 2017 -- to help reduce staff turnover.

Private military companies to be in Russian reserve force in case of mobilization - media 
The Voice of Russia  |  7 July 2014
>The Russian Defense Ministry will take under control Russian private military companies (PMC) and will be able to use them in the event of imposing a state of emergency in the country, The Izvestia reports with reference to MPs who took part in drawing up a bill on private military companies.

Foreign-Owned Private Security Firms In South Africa To Sell 51% Stake 
AFKInsider  |  4 July 2014
>A proposed law in South Africa that would require foreign-owned private security firms to sell at least 51 percent, or a majority stake, of their businesses to South Africans will deter foreign investors and violate international trade deals, Economist told CCTV Africa.

Kenya’s private security industry booming due to terror threats 
How We Made It In Africa  |  3 July 2014
>  Since last September’s shooting at the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, which killed at least 67 people, Kenya has experienced dozens of terrorist attacks on churches, hotels, buses and police stations, which has instilled fear in people and crippled many businesses.

Private Maritime Security: SAMI Secretariat Update  |  2 July 2014
> "Initially the doors within the shipping industry had been closed to private maritime security companies, and there was a definite “them and us” divide. This has begun to break down, and we now see that PMSCs are very much a part of the logistics facilitation toolbox which ship owners have come to depend on," says the latest issue of The Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI) newsletter.

US Intimidated by Its Own Mercenaries 
CounterPunch  |  2 July 2014
> Even the mightiest have their come-uppance when their internal logic spews out destructiveness returning on the self—“blowback” in a way perhaps not seen before. I refer to James Risen’s extraordinary article in the New York Times, “Before Shooting in Iraq, a Warning on Blackwater,” (June 30), in which the customary meaning of “blowback” refers to policies, e.g., the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, the confrontation with Russia over Ukraine, the “pivot” of military power to the Pacific intent on the encirclement, containment, isolation of China, produce unintended, or if intended, still unwelcome, consequences for the initiator of the policy or action.

Use and Abuse in Nigerian Maritime Security 
Maritime Executive  |  1 July 2014
> Fundamentally, the problem is that, while legislation and capability exist, the patchy enforcement of the applicable laws encourages ship operators, agents, mid-ranking military personnel and private security providers to search for “alternatives” which tend to emphasize practicality over legality. In this they are ably assisted by local “facilitators”.

The regulatory and cost pressures facing private maritime security 
Seatrade Global  |  1 July 2014
> The growth in use of the ISO/PAS 28007 standard is a sign of maturity for the maritime security sector providing a benchmark against which individual private maritime security companies (PMSCs) can be judged.

Center for International Maritime Security  |  1 July 2014
> Fundamentally, the problem is that, while legislation and capability exist, the patchy enforcement of the applicable laws encourages ship operators, agents, mid-ranking military personnel and private security providers to search for “alternatives” which tend to emphasise practicality over legality. In this they are ably assisted by local “facilitators”.

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