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An expert from ArmorGroup (left) trains local members of the Nepal and Maoist Armies on the safe removal of unexploded devices.
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Blackwater mercenaries face justice for bloodbath in Baghdad that caused 14 civilian deaths 
The Independent  |  31 August 2014
> It has been seven years since guards with the worldwide security firm Blackwater turned Baghdad's Nisour Square into a shooting gallery, killing 14 local civilians "without cause", sparking fury around the globe and plunging the United States into a spasm of soul-searching over what it had wrought in Iraq. This week as the world is once again focused on Iraq, at last justice will be done – or attempted.

Look at soldiers for hire shows a strong depth of reporting 
The Wichita Eagle  |  30 August 2014
> Soldiers for hire have long existed. But the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan accelerated the transformation of mercenaries “from covert and infamous to acceptable and indispensable,” Hagedorn writes.

Private Maritime Security outfits become victims of own success 
Trade Winds  |  29 August 2014
> The successful use of armed guards on merchant ships in the Indian Ocean has led to a drop in piracy attacks in the region and subsequently a decrease in demand for those very services. The proliferation of private maritime security companies set up as Somali piracy escalated was always likely to end up with firms going bust as the threat receded. But a recent high-profile failure also reveals how the industry is changing.

The State of Piracy 
The Maritime Executive  |  26 August 2014
> Piracy’s gone away, right? You’d be forgiven for thinking that. The predominant narrative for the Indian Ocean is that Piracy has been suppressed to an extent that ship-owners are requesting fewer guards, even unarmed in some cases. Certainly private security team composition has adjusted beneath the “rule of four” and the nationality of guards has shifted significantly away from the UK only model. But given the recent attacks in South East Asia and the prevailing amount of maritime crime and piracy off the Gulf of Guinea, Piracy hasn’t been eradicated at all; it’s simply evolved and will continue to change as it has done for hundreds of years presenting a threat to global maritime trade.

Time to regulate private security industry 
Panorama Daily Gibraltar  |  26 August 2014
> Private Security is a worldwide multi-billion pound industry employing more personnel than the normal police service; Gibraltar has been no exception, over the past 10 to 15 years the presence and use of private security has also taken off.

250 Russian mercenaries killed in combat: Ukraine 
Zee News India  |  25 August 2014
> Some 250 Russian "mercenaries" have been killed in recent fighting in the eastern regions of Ukraine, the Ukrainian military command said Monday.

Police States And Private Markets 
ValueWalk  |  24 August 2014
> In conclusion, I’ll simply say that market activity is peaceful activity, while state action always implicitly or expressly involves force. If we want our police to act more like Sheriff Andy Taylor and less like militarized aggressors, we must look to private models — models where our interests are aligned with security providers. Only then can we bring back true“peace” officers, private security providers focused on preventing crime and defusing conflicts in cost effective and peaceful ways.

Ukraine's Poroshenko sees removal of Russian 'mercenaries' as key to peace 
Reuters  |  23 August 2014
> Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said on Saturday, after talks with Germany's Angela Merkel, that he was ready to work with Europe to bring peace in his country but he said Ukraine would never sacrifice territory or give up its independence.

Insurgency: 1,200 private security firms to assist FG 
Nigerian Tribune  |  22 August 2014
> To curb the problem of insurgency in the country, 1,200 private security companies operating in Nigeria, with a population of almost two million workers, have indicated willingness to help the Federal Government with expertise and manpower.

Oregon Protesters Occupy Offices of Israel-affiliated Prison Firm G4S 
International Middle East Media Center  |  22 August 2014
> A group of Palestine supporters occupied the office of the prison and security contracting firm in Portland Oregon on Thursday afternoon, calling on the company to end its affiliation with the Israeli prison system - a system which brutalizes inmates, imprisons children in adult facilities and engages in torture.

Calls for PNG to implement gun control recommendations 
ABC Radio Australia  |  21 August 2014
> The author of a report on gun violence in Papua New Guinea says none of his recommendations have been acted on, nine years after he handed his findings to then prime minister, Sir Michael Somare. Former PNG Defence Force Commander, General Jerry Singirok, says law and order problems are holding back the country's economic development

The Rise of Private Military Companies (Part 2/2) 
Fair Observer  |  20 August 2014
> The role of private military companies (PMC) ranges from security to training to participating directly in combat as auxiliary troops. PMCs have been used all around the world for a variety of purposes and have been hired by multinationals, international organizations and national governments alike. The functions of PMCs fall into three broad types of activity: combat support, military support and security services.

Private security firms 'bombarding' UK police with contract work offers 
Voice of Russia  |  20 August 2014
> The Chief Constable of one of Britain’s biggest police forces has revealed she is being “bombarded” with offers from private security companies with the hope of landing lucrative security deals worth £2.3 billion. VoR's Simon Parker reports.

Poland calls for end to 'Polish mercenaries in Ukraine' reports 
Polskie Radio  |  20 August 2014
> Poland's foreign ministry has dismissed allegations that Polish mercenaries are fighting pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine.

World Bank Group says PNG business owners frustrated 
Radio New Zealand  |  19 August 2014
> One of the authors of a report into violence in Papua New Guinea says the country's security situation continues to deteriorate and businesses have no choice but to rely on private security.

US Recruits Iraq Security 'Advisers' 
Sky News  |  19 August 2014
> The US Army looks to beef up its 'Office of Security Assistance', despite Barack Obama ruling out sending troops back to Iraq.

Japan checking whether citizen captured by Islamic State in Syria 
Reuters  |  18 August 2014
> Japan is investigating information that one of its citizens has been captured in northern Syria by the Islamic State militant group, the foreign ministry said, as evidence emerged that the captured man appeared to be a self-styled security contractor.

How did Japanese National Haruna Yukawa End up with ISIS Militants? 
International Business Times  |  18 August 2014
> While Tokyo is still to confirm the identity of its citizen, who is being held by the Islamic State in Syria, reports indicate that the captured Japanese man is a private mercenary, who may have fought along with the Free Syria Army.

Zimbabwe: Security Company Strikes Deal With SA Firm  |  18 August 2014
> A Bulawayo-based private security company, Nokel (Pvt) Ltd has struck a deal with a South African security entity, ATS Surveillance Solutions, to supply mobile surveillance equipment to the local market, a company official said. The deal will see Nokel distributing and installing Wolf-Eye mobile surveillance units in the entire country where Nokel is the sole agent.

Three constitutional faults in private security Bill 
Legal Brief Today  |  18 August 2014
> If President Jacob Zuma fails to refer the Private Security Industry Regulation Amendment Bill back to Parliament for reconsideration, it will be necessary to challenge the law in the courts, says Advocate Mark Oppenheimer, in an analysis in Business Day.

Show Your Weapons 
Newsday (Trinidad and TObago)  |  18 August 2014
> In the aftermath of the discovery of 42 guns stolen from the ballistics room of the Forensic Science Centre (FSC) Minister of National Security Gary Griffith yesterday advised that effective immediately the police will do random checks at all private security firms and other law enforcement agencies to ensure that all weapons are accounted for.

Hyderabad Police plan to rope in private security guards to check crime 
The Times of India  |  16 August 2014
> The 1.5 lakh private security guards in the city will soon work as an extension of the police force in the state capital. As part of the 'Safe and Smart Hyderabad' project envisaged by Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, both the city police commissioners are making specific and elaborate plans to curb crime rate in the city.

Mercenaries, Extremists Become Major Balkans Export 
Radio Free Europe  |  15 August 2014
> Now some of the countries of the former Yugoslavia are becoming notorious for a different human export -- jihadists and mercenaries. And the numbers seem to be on the rise, despite measures in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, and Serbia to stop the traffic.

Politicians Urged To Desist From Using-Youths As Mercenaries 
The Nigerian Observer  |  15 August 2014
> BENIN CITY- Youths in Edo State, yesterday joined their counterparts across the globe to mark the world Youth Day celebration with a call on politicians to ‘desist’ from using youths as political mercenaries to actualize the selfish agenda.

'The Invisible Soldiers' warns of private security forces' rise 
Los Angeles Times  |  15 August 2014
> Near the end of "The Invisible Soldiers: How America Outsourced Our Security," author Ann Hagedorn recommends that President Dwight D. Eisenhower's famous warning in 1961 about the rise of the "military-industrial complex" should be updated.

Papua New Guinea Businesses Impacted by Crime and Violence 
Scoop Independent News  |  15 August 2014
> A World Bank Group report released today says that eight in ten businesses in Papua New Guinea suffer substantial losses and security costs as a result of high rates of crime and violence, slowing business expansion and hampering the country’s economic development.

Security industry bill’s effect is far more than 51% 
Business Day  |  15 August 2014
> Parliament recently passed a bill that will have a devastating effect on property rights and foreign investment if it is signed into law by President Jacob Zuma. In terms of the Private Security Industry Regulation Amendment Bill, a security service provider will not be allowed to operate its business unless it is 51% owned and controlled by South African citizens.

Serbian mercenaries fighting in eastern Ukraine 
Deutsche Welle  |  14 August 2014
> Serbian fighters fight side by side with pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine. According to Belgrade, they're not the only ones active in Ukraine, either.

The Rise of Private Military Companies (Part 1/2) 
Fair Observer  |  13 August 2014
> The rise of private military companies (PMCs) over the past few decades has been nothing short of meteoric. Operating in a realm once believed safe from privatization, PMCs have taken over various functions normally found within the realm of governments, national militaries and international organizations. Presently, the private military industry is grossing several hundred billion dollars annually, and operates in over 100 countries on six continents.

Nigeria: Defence Corps Trains Guards to Boost Katsina Security  |  13 August 2014
> Abuja — The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps' (NSCDC's) Katsina State Command has commenced the training of the 1000 private guards to boost security in the state. The guards were selected from 20 registered Private Security Guards Companies (PGCs) that are registered and operating in Katsina.

Gaza 'mercenaries' probe 
The Times  |  13 August 2014
> Two South Africans are being investigated for contravening the country's Foreign Military Assistance Act for their alleged role in Israel's military invasion of Gaza.

Piracy still a threat – maritime security union 
Defence Web  |  11 August 2014
> In spite of a global drop in maritime piracy, the threat still remains, especially off West Africa and sporadically off the Horn of Africa, according to the World MarSec Union.

On public land, a gas company takes private control 
State Impact Pennsylvania  |  11 August 2014
> Truman Run Road is the main way to Deering’s home. It’s owned by McHenry township– a rural community of 145 permanent residents. Although Truman Run is a public road, most of the time it’s controlled by a private security firm that works for the gas industry.

U.K. Financial Sector Eyeing Cyber Security Accelerators 
The Wall Street Journal  |  11 August 2014
> London’s financial district is aiming to become a global hub for innovative technology in cyber security and intelligence, and it couldn’t have come any sooner. Just last week a private security company said a gang of Russian hackers had amassed 1.2 billion usernames and passwords from around the internet.

India supports freedom of access in South China Sea 
Times of Oman  |  10 August 2014
> NAY PYI TAW (Myanmar): Amid tensions over territorial claims in the South China Sea overshadowing the Asean and East Asia Summit, India Sunday said it supports freedom of navigation and access to resources in the area and that the dispute must be resolved as per international law.

Security firm to 'spy' on Huttoft overnight campers 
BBC News  |  10 August 2014
> A private security firm is being used to gather evidence against motorhome owners using a car park on the Lincolnshire coast as a free campsite.

Somalia: Briefing - Somaliland, Oil and Security  |  7 August 2014
> Hargeisa — The proposed deployment of armed contingents to protect oil installations in the self-declared Republic of Somaliland risks further destabilizing a region rife with disputes over sovereignty, boundaries and oil concessions.

Kenya debates arming private security guards 
Sabahi  |  7 August 2014
> A security guard mans a checkpoint at an upscale neighbourhood in Nairobi in November 2013. Private guards are rarely armed with more than a baton, calling into question their effectiveness against criminals and terrorists armed with guns.

Trans-Sahel ‘new frontier’ in global counter-terrorism operations 
Defence Web  |  7 August 2014
> The Sahel-Sahara region is the ‘new frontier’ in global counter-terrorism operations, prompting major transitions in US and French military positioning, according to a new report.

Security Costs 
The Cyprus Daily  |  7 August 2014
> A police official has suggested that political party leaders pay for their private security out of their own pockets in order to free up the already budget-stricken police force to tackle more pressing matters. Speaking on state radio, head of the Police Association Andreas Symeou agreed on the government providing security for state officers but said it is common in other countries for political leaders to cover the costs of their own security entourages.

Foreign Mercenaries Bring Own Weapons to Fight Militia in East Ukraine 
RIA Novosti  |  6 August 2014
> Foreign mercenaries fighting independence forces in eastern Ukraine are bringing their own weapons and hardware to the battlefield, a member of the local militia told RIA Novosti on Wednesday.

USIS Suffers Cyberattack, Costing It Some Government Business: Setback Is Latest for Federal Contractor Under Scrutiny 
Wall Street Journal  |  6 August 2014
> WASHINGTON—The U.S. government has temporarily suspended much of its work with its main security background-check contractor after the firm discovered that it was the victim of a cyberattack, federal officials said Wednesday.

DRC 'mercenaries' plead not guilty 
eNews Channel Africa  |  5 August 2014
> Pretoria - Twenty Congolese nationals who went on trial in South Africa on Tuesday pleaded not guilty to charges of plotting to assassinate Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) President Joseph Kabila and topple his government. A Pretoria court formally indicted the men with mercenary activities and conspiracy to murder, 18 months after their arrest in South Africa.

Russian Hackers Steal 1.2 Billion Usernames and Passwords, Security Firm Says 
Wall Street Journal  |  5 August 2014
> A gang of Russian hackers appears to have amassed a stockpile of 1.2 billion usernames and passwords as its members roamed the Internet targeting online users, according to a new report from a private security company. Based on the number of unique email addresses, the hackers appear to have collected data on more than half a billion people, the company Hold Security claims.

7 killed, 4 injured as sea pirates attack Ondo community  
Nigerian Tribune  |  5 August 2014
> Four members of a private security outfit operating in the coastal area of Ese-Odo Local Government Area of Ondo State, Gallery Security Service, have been killed and another four wounded by hoodlums suspected to be sea pirates. The suspected pirates, it was gathered, attacked the community and killed members of the outfit, who attempted to challenge them. Three of the sea pirates were killed by members of the security outfit.

Union objects after National Gallery enlists private security firm 
Museums Journal  |  5 August 2014
> The Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union has objected after London's National Gallery appointed a private security firm with no prior consultation to guard artworks at its upcoming exhibition, Rembrandt: The Late Works.

Private Security Industry Regulation Act may undermine AGOA's renewal 
CNBC Africa  |  5 August 2014
> The three-day U.S-Africa Summit kicked off in Washington today, with the AGOA forum happening on the sidelines. Peter Draper, director of Tutwa Consulting joins CNBC Africa for a look at why he thinks the Private Security Industry Regulation Act may undermine AGOA's renewal, as well as what the summit means for Africa's transformation.

Nigeria: Party alleges 500,000 mercenaries recruited to vote for Omisore 
All Africa  |  4 August 2014
> The All Progressives Congress (APC) Monday claimed that no fewer than 500,000 mercenaries have been engaged by the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to ensure the victory of Senator Iyiola Omisore in the Osun State governorship election.

Applause as DRC 'mercenaries' appear 
News24  |  4 August 2014
> Pretoria - Applause and chanting echoed in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria on Monday ahead of the appearance of members of a Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) rebel group accused of plotting to overthrow president Joseph Kabila's government while in South Africa.

“Only a matter of time” before private security try to take over residential policing 
The  |  4 August 2014
> A TOP GARDA has said that it is “only a matter of time” before private security firms begin targeting residential areas by trying to set up patrols. Chief Superintendent of Store Street Garda Station Pat Leahy said that the force must work to “protect this key space”, describing it as “the golden nugget of policing”.

Security operation was most complex in Scotland's history 
Herald Scotland  |  4 August 2014
> Policing the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow was "the most complex security operation ever mounted in Scotland", the officer in charge has said. In total, 17 private security firms were involved in the operation, including G4S, who provided stewarding.

Recruiting security guards 
Khaleej Times  |  3 August 2014
> The private security sector enjoys a particular level of maturity in terms of training, professionalism, services provided and meeting the required demand of professionals in the Western countries.

Private Anti-Piracy Navies: How Warships for Hire are Changing Maritime Security 
Center for International Maritime Security  |  1 August 2014
> I recently sat down with John-Clark Levin, coauthor of Private Anti-Piracy Navies: How Warships for Hire are Changing Maritime Security. For those of you interested in the subject of private maritime security, Levin’s book “is intended to provide a contextualized understanding of the historical origins, current state, and future prospects of this fast-changing sector.” Rather than simply rehash Joseph Hammond’s earlier interview of Levin, I decided to take the discussion in a slightly different direction.

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