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An expert from ArmorGroup (left) trains local members of the Nepal and Maoist Armies on the safe removal of unexploded devices.
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Navigating New ISO Standards  |  25 September 2013
> Dryad Maritime Intelligence, a U.K. maritime intelligence provider, issued guidance on the latest framework of standards to be issued by the maritime security industry.

Mercenary services outlawed by parliament
SwissInfo Watch  |  24 September 2013
> Private security contractors based in Switzerland will no longer be allowed to provide mercenaries and will have to report to the federal authorities any services they plan to supply beyond the country’s borders.

Private Security: The High Seas' Unsung Heroes
Management Today  |  24 September 2013
> Private marine security is one sector in which Britain still rules the waves. Business is booming, but these days it's not all pirate chasing.

UK commits to help raise standards of private security industry
Foreign and Commonwealth Office  |  20 September 2013
> UK joins new international oversight mechanism for private security companies to help raise standards of conduct across the industry.

Watchdog Body Will Oversee Private Military Contractors
Independent European Daily Express  |  20 September 2013
> Member governments, security companies and civil society organisations on Thursday formally created the first international body to be tasked with the monitoring and oversight of private military contractors’ adherence to human rights standards and international law.

ICoCA Launch Marks Significant Step to Improve Private Security Contractor Oversight
Human Rights First  |  18 September 2013
> This week, in a significant step that Human Rights First notes will advance private security contractors’ respect for human rights while operating in complex environments around the globe, the International Code of Conduct Association (ICoCA) will be formally established to oversee the industry.

The UN Must Stop Outsourcing Peacekeepers
Huffington Post  |  09 September 2013
> The United Nations' working group on mercenaries and human rights has today published a report revealing that the UN is increasingly outsourcing its security and peacekeeping work to private military and security companies. The report documents the proliferation of outsourcing contracts for armed guards, convoy security, security advice and risk assessment, transport services.

Final countdown begins for third UAE Counter-piracy Conference
Emirates News Agency  |  07 September 2013
> The final countdown has begun for the 3rd public-private international counter-piracy conference scheduled to be held in Dubai on September 11-12, with more than 20 briefing papers now available on the official website,

Experts In Maritime Security Meets
Ghana News Agency  |  06 September 2013
> Experts and stakeholders in the oil and gas industry have suggested the need for government to embark on regular updates of the maritime security guidelines, to conform to international standards.

UK action plan on human rights urged to go beyond 'business as usual'
Ekklesia  |  05 September 2013
> A coalition of human rights and development NGOs, alongside unions, has given a cautious welcome to the recent launch of an official UK government Action Plan on Business and Human Rights by Vince Cable and William Hague.

European Union and Somalia Join Hands in Maritime Security Partnership
The European Union Naval Force Somalia  |  05 September 2013
> On 4 September 2013, off the coast of Mogadishu, the EU Naval Force (EU NAVFOR) Atalanta hosted the President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, on board the Dutch EU NAVFOR flagship, HNLMS Johan de Witt.

Private security firms attempt to fill a gap left by a weakened security apparatus
Egypt Independent  |  04 September 2013
> A new draft law on private security companies currently on the table is an attempt to regulate a sector that for more than 30 years has operated with almost no oversight.

US stops jailed activist Barrett Brown from discussing leaks prosecution
The Guardian  |  04 September 2013
> Federal court order prohibits Brown, known as a specialist writer on the US government's use of private military contractors and cybersecurity firms to conduct online snooping on the public, from talking to the media in what critics say is latest in crackdown on investigative journalism.

Partnership Mission Promotes Security, Capacity in West Africa
American Forces Press Service  |  03 September 2013
> The combined military engagements stem from Africa Partnership Station, one of U.S. Africa Command’s most successful programs. The international security cooperation initiative, established in 2007, aims to strengthen global maritime partnerships through training and shared activities.

Syrian Experiment: Test Vehicle For A Humanitarian Expeditionary Corps
Albany Tribune  |  03 September 2013
> The idea of having a separate fighting force for humanitarian crises and or plausible deniability in foreign wars once again makes sense.

Private Security Contractors' Military Role under Scrutiny
The San Diego Union-Tribune  |  01 September 2013
> Budget concerns and convenience fuel expansion of shadowy army; movement grows for code of conduct.

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