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An expert from ArmorGroup (left) trains local members of the Nepal and Maoist Armies on the safe removal of unexploded devices.

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February 2013

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Time to Put Private Security Contractors Under the Gun
Huffington Post  |  28 February 2013
Private security contractors are being increasingly employed to defend American lives, often in the face of overt threats and in unstable conditions. Contractor negligence and misconduct in these environments not only puts U.S. interests at risk, but also the safety of innocent bystanders.

KBR, Halliburton in Toxic Pit MDL
Law360  |  27 February 2013
A Maryland federal judge on Wednesday dismissed all 57 cases in multidistrict litigation alleging KBR Inc. and Halliburton Co. exposed U.S. military personnel to toxic fumes from open-air burn pits in Iraq

Did Blackwater Graymail lead to a Whitewash?
POGO  |  26 February 2013
>  Last week saw a rather surprising conclusion to the federal government's nearly six-year criminal probe of the weapons practices of controversial private security contractor Blackwater (now called Academi).

UN human rights experts urge greater oversight of private security firms in Honduras
UN News Centre  |  25 February 2013
A group of United Nations independent experts back from Honduras today urged that Government to tighten oversight of the increasing number of private security companies

Mercenary Firms: A lucrative niche market
SwissInfo  |  24 February 2013
European states are subcontracting an increasing number of tasks to private military companies to cut their armies' sizes and budgets. These mainly US firms cost them dearly, however, says military expert Alexandre Vautravers.

Private armies enter judicial crosshairs
SwissInfo  |  24 February 2013
Private security firms based in Switzerland will in future have to report to the government on their activities abroad. A proposed law that will put these companies on a shorter leash could become a model.

International Code of Conduct on Private Security Service Providers - consensus on oversight mechanism
Swiss Foreign Affairs  |  22 February 2013
Agreement has been reached on the Charter for the Oversight Mechanism of the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers (ICoC). A large group of representatives from signatory companies, civil society and governments were involved in the successful negotiations, which were held in Montreux from 19 and 22 February 2013.

Sequester and its Impact on Private Security Contractors
Huffington Post  |  22 February 2013
For some, sequester can actually be a good thing--at least for private security contractors. As the Defense Department makes cuts and withdrawals out of Afghanistan, opportunities will become readily available from the State Department. Without sequestration, we actually witnessed this fact come to light after US troops withdrew from Iraq.

Private security firms under scrutiny in Germany
Deutsche Welle  |  20 February 2013
Since the recent move by online retailer Amazon to fire a private security company over allegations of racism, the role of private security providers has been put in the spotlight in Germany.

Where are the socially responsible companies in the arms industry?
Global Post  |  15 February 2013
> Even as private security providers have signed on to initiatives such as the International Code of Conduct, the arms industry could do the same. Remington could require that their products be sold by licensed and reputable dealers that conduct background checks. Private sellers that want to maintain their credibility could voluntarily pledge to abide by the same rules.

Afghans dissolve 6 private security companies
Central Asia Online  |  14 February 2013
The Afghan government has banned and dissolved six private security firms and seized their security assets as punishment for their involvement in various crimes on the Herat-Kandahar highway.

Have hired guns finally scuppered Somali pirates?
Reuters  |  11 February 2013
After more than half a decade of Somali men attacking Indian Ocean shipping from small speedboats with AK-47s, grappling hooks and ladders, the number of attacks is falling fast.

Who bears the cost of increased security - banks or private firms?
Egypt Daily News  |  10 February 2013
Recent events and clashes in Egypt have led banks to request that private security and money transfer firms beef up their operations in branches located throughout the country. Mohamed Abbas, president of the board of directors for the private security and money transfer firm Speed Services, said that the industry has witnessed a 25%-50% increase in demand.

Bigger than the Army: South Africa's private security forces
CNN  |  08 February 2013
> And that's what has fueled the boom in the country's private security industry, crime experts say. There are nearly 9,000 companies and 400,000 registered active private security guards. That's more than the police and army combined, according to South African officials.

South Africa Charges DR Congo 'Rebels for Coup Plot'
BBC News  |  07 February 2013
Nineteen suspected Congolese rebels have been charged in a South African court with plotting a coup against President Joseph Kabila. They will likely be prosecuted under South Africa's Foreign Military Assistance Act. 

McCaskill criticizes private embassy security contracts in Benghazi hearing
Pulaski County Daily  |  07 February 2013
In a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing today investigating security failures in the attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill raised significant concerns about the use of private contractors in volatile regions.

Iraq War Contractor Fined for Late Reports of 30 Casualties
ProPublica  |  07 February 2013
The U.S. Department of Labor has fined a private security contractor $75,000 for failing to file timely reports on the casualties of workers in Iraq as required by law. The Sandi Group, based in Washington D.C., delayed telling the Labor department that 30 of its employees had been killed

Piracy: New rules on the use of private maritime security companies
International Law Office  |  06 February 2013
On December 13 2012 the German Parliament approved new rules on the use of private maritime security companies on German flagged vessels to fight piracy.(1) The legislation was introduced as the former legal framework was regarded as inadequate.

Iraq, U.S. debate private contractors' responsibility
NBC Nightly News  |  06 February 2013
> Revisiting the Blackwater USA killings of 17 Iraqis in 2007, NBC examines the limited immunity provided to the contractors and the possible paths for prosecution that exist. 

Armed guards on Norwegian ships
The Norway Post  |  06 February 2013
The Norwegian government has decided to allow armed guards on Norwegian commercial vessels on a permanent basis. What started as a trial period in 2011 to help decrease the number of attacks on Norwegian vessels by Somali pirates has now become permanent.

Peers warn sea security firms must be accountable
BBC  |  04 February 2013
Guidelines for private security firms guarding ships against pirates must be made clearer or people will get into "very, very serious difficulties" by breaking international law, a former head of the Royal Navy has warned.

Antipiracy Bill drafted to let private armed guards defend ships
The Japan Times  |  04 February 2013
The government will submit an antipiracy bill to the Diet that would allow foreign security contractors aboard Japanese flag-bearing vessels to carry firearms while in waters off Somalia and elsewhere, sources close to the issue said Sunday.


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