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An expert from ArmorGroup (left) trains local members of the Nepal and Maoist Armies on the safe removal of unexploded devices.
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9 People Who Shook Up The Defense Industry In 2013 
Business Insider  |  18 December 2013
> The military landscape is evolving faster than ever, forcing the U.S. government to rely more and more on private military contractors. These companies support a wide range of military operations including weapons provision, private security, transportation, and intelligence analysis.

King of the Contractors 
The Weekly Standard  |  16 December 2013
> With all due respect to General David Petraeus, the most influential strategist of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan may turn out to be Erik Prince.

Contracting Out PTSD 
Time  |  15 December 2013
> A new report from the Rand Corp. says private workers suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder and depression at rates similar, if not higher, than the troops they serve alongside.

Switzerland: Conference highlights efforts to regulate private security companies 
ICRC News Release  |  13 December 2013
> Representatives of some 60 countries and of international organizations, civil society and private companies came together in the Swiss city of Montreux from 11 to 13 December to reiterate their commitment to improving the legal framework for all private military and security companies.

Report: Private Military Contractors Suffer PTSD More Than Soldiers 
Bloomberg Businessweek  |  13 December 2013
> A new report from the Rand Corp. has found that private military contractors who work in conflict zones suffer higher rates of post-traumatic stress disorder than members of the military do.

Central Africa: When Kony Goes Quiet 
AllAfrica  |  1 December 2013
> Areas with a Ugandan army presence coupled with logistical support from the US government and private military contractors have witnessed a decrease in large-scale LRA attacks, according to Invisible Children.

India Continues Secret Military Ties with Sri Lanka 
The New Indian Express  |  1 December 2013
> India’s diplomatic relations with Sri Lanka may face rough weather due to pressure from political groups in Tamil Nadu, but its defence ties would continue as usual through joint training, sharing of warfare expertise and military exchanges.

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